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You woodn't beleaf how ferntastic our selection of wood is. :-)


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Bamboo Poles

Natural, dried bamboo

Bamboo Poles
We have dried bamboo available in a variety of useful lengths ranging from 8" to 24", depending on your enclosure's size. A common choice for arboreal Gecko species.
Natural Bamboo Poles ~1in Diameter
Available Lengths:
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Cork Flats

Hand-selected, high quality cork bark flats

Cork Flat Cork Flat Cork Flat
Cork flats are commonly used for custom backgrounds, decor pieces, plant mounts, and look great in live vivariums. Cork does not break down in even the most humid/wet conditions. Not usually for use under water, as it's extremely buoyant. Probably the most commonly used wood in vivariums today, due to it's high resistance to breaking down. An environmentally friendly, renewable resource!

Cork Gallon Bags

Bags stuffed full with small cork flats

Cork Gallon Bag Assortment
This is a quick, inexpensive, and easy way to get a bunch of smaller (Usually under 9 inch) pieces of cork. We started selling these bags at reptile expos, and due to the popularity we're offering them online. These cork packs are perfect for those looking to do small custom background jobs, or those needing smaller pieces for decor items & grow-out enclosures. Sold by the stuffed gallon bag, averaging roughly around 10-14 pieces depending on size. Assorted pieces only at this price. If you want specific pieces, please purchase from the individually priced menus at the top of the page.
$7.99/ea Gallon
$7.99/ea Gallon
SALE - 25% Off: $5.99/ea Gallon

Cork Rounds

Great looking cork rounds

Plain Cork Round Cork Tube
High quality, natural cork bark rounds. Lengths guaranteed, widths are approximate. Rounds usually have more detail than the one pictured. Our "Stump" pieces (click for photo) are great for use as planters, faux stumps, land dividers (if cracked in half), and more. We try to be fairly accommodating with individually purchased pieces, so if your cork is for something specific, let us know after you order.

Cork Show Grade

Big rounds for big enclosures & displays

Cork Show Grade Tubes
These are large, super detailed, 18 to 25 inch length (usually 8-12" in diameter!) cork rounds that are unbeatable for large enclosures & custom background builds. Show grade cork rounds are hand-selected for vivarium use, and we guarantee you won't be disappointed. These are the same large rounds you see @ expos, without the large price to match.

Cork Modular Background Planters

Specially Selected Cork Rounds Cut At Neat 45° Angles For Use As Mountable Background Planters & Ledges

NEHERP Modular Cork Custom Background NEHERP Modular Cork Custom Background
Hover over the image for large & small planter illustration

A quick & easy way to add a realistic planter or ledge to a Cork Background or Custom Background, in any type of enclosure. Custom backgrounds will have these attached using silicone, but when using a Cork Tile Background, they can either be attached using silicone, or stainless steel hardware. Once mounted, the planter can either be filled with appropriate substrate for whatever plant will be planted within, or used alone as a hide or ledge. Available in two different sizes, with each being cut at 45° angles, for easy mounting. Click here for an a bare background fitment photo of the above enclosure.
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Cork: Wholesale By The Pound

Great looking mixed assortments at the lowest price of any herp shop

Cork: Wholesale By The Pound
5lbs Case "Mixed Sizes" shown for general visual guide of quantity. As this is a natural product, your selection will vary.
High quality cork pieces at some of the lowest shipped prices anywhere. All boxes will be mixed rounds & flats with no exceptions, to ensure our customers get the best price possible. Cases are hand-selected by NEHERP staff to include a wide variety with the enthusiast in mind. The "Cork will be used for..." box is for customers who are looking to do something semi-specific for a build. Examples: "Using for Orchid mounts" or "For custom background on an 18x18x18 terrarium". We cannot guarantee exact or specific piece requests in the bulk boxes. Weights are 100% guaranteed.
Preference Options Explained:
Smaller Sizes Preferable
This option includes a whole lot of smaller cork pieces (significantly more flats than rounds) that are excellent for use with cork mosaic backgrounds, decor pieces, and for those looking to mount small plants. This option includes plenty of surface area at the cost of larger pieces. Great for smaller plant mounts.
Mixed Sizes Preferable
This option includes a variety of large & small flats and rounds. Excellent for custom background builds, and for people looking for great looking loose decor pieces. (Rough average of 1-3 rounds per 5lbs, depending on size & availability) This is our most popular wholesale cork option.
Larger Sizes Preferable:
This option includes a handful of larger flats with the remainder filled in with small/medium rounds and flats. A common choice for building custom backgrounds, as the larger pieces will easily fill background space with the filler pieces acting as the "3D" decor. Great for larger plant mounts.

Curly Willow Branches

Willow Branches

NEHERP Modular Cork Custom Background
The flexible branches of Curly Willow can be incorporated into custom background design, or used alone as a decor item. Sold in 3' tall bunches of 10-12 branches, which can easily be divided into 8+ smaller enclosures. We suggest rinsing these thoroughly before use, as they are shipped to us in cut & wrapped bundles. If kept in a dry habitat, these will harden & become more rigid as they dry.
36in Bundle

Devil's Ear Pods

A natural vivarium decor item

Devil's Ear Pod
Seed pods from the Caro Caro tree (native to tropical South America) that add a touch of realism to your vivarium's floor. Sizes range from 2.5-4". Note: Some of these have the tendency to straighten out in extremely wet/humid conditions! For humid (85%+ R/H) enclosures, we suggest placing them in the driest area possible.
Available Quantities:
SALE - 40% OFF: $0.89/ea

Ghostwood Accents

Small assorted pieces of Ghostwood

Ghostwood Accents
Neat little assortments of our high quality Ghostwood decor! These are great for basic accent decor, mounting in custom backgrounds for added detail, and are also perfect for grow-out enclosures. Like all Ghostwood, these pieces will grow considerably darker once wet, and are a perfect choice for live vivariums. Available in packs of 3, 5, and 10, with lengths of each piece ranging from 4in to 6½in+.
Available for a limited time only!
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Highly detailed, hand-picked ghostwood branches

Ghostwood Ghostwood Ghostwood
An extremely difficult wood to source; we've got an excellent selection of sandblasted Ghostwood in stock and ready to ship. This wood does great in all conditions; dry or wet! Probably one of the most sought after wood types in the vivarium building hobby, and a real favorite to everyone who works at NEHERP. These dramatic branched pieces are hand-selected, & highly detailed. Ghostwood gets darker when moist, as shown in this picture. You won't be disappointed with the examples we pull for you!

Ghostwood Straights

Like our Ghostwood branches only cheaper, & without as much detail

Ghostwood Straights Ghostwood Straights Ghostwood Straights
⇑ 9-12in Size ⇑
⇑ 13-16in Size ⇑
⇑ 21-25in Size ⇑
These Ghostwood straights are a great lower-cost option for those looking for a simpler, straighter, and less "spread out" piece of Ghostwood. (Sometimes a super-branchy piece of wood just isn't the right fit!) We've used these to create the look of fallen branches, rigid vines, partially buried roots, and more. When creating custom backgrounds, these can be added as additional focal points around a larger hardscape, or even as a part of a centerpiece in small enclosures. Ghostwood gets darker when moist, as shown in this picture. Please note, although we refer to these as "straights" at NEHERP, they aren't completely straight! (They are fairly straight when compared to our best-selling Ghostwood branches, though!) Please reference the photo above, as each piece can range a bit in overall shape & appearance.
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Glowing Mushroom Kit

A kit to inoculate wood decor with live glowing mushrooms

Glowing Mushroom Kit
A Glow-in-the-dark Mushroom Kit has many natural functions and is not only cool but plays a very important role in your terrarium's micro-climate by releasing humidity and purifying the environment. Each kit includes everything needed (except the log!) to grow your own Panellus stipticus mushrooms. You also get a wonderful booklet that tells you more about the science behind bioluminescence, its lore, other species, and its place in nature. Enough spores are included to inoculate a 6-12in piece of wood, 2-4in in diameter. After inoculating wood decor, it will take approximately 2-3 months before the log will start growing mushrooms, but it will continue to grow mushrooms occasionally for 2-3 years. Instructions included.
This is a new product to NEHERP by customer request, so please let us know what you think of it! From what we're told, we'd recommend Ghostwood or Malaysian Driftwood for this purpose. Cork is dense enough that it takes forever to break down, and may not be the best fit.
$19.99/ea Kit

Grape Wood

A great looking & inexpensive decor item for dry habitats

Grape Wood
Premium Sand Blasted Grapevine beautifies your terrarium, aviary, or cage. It provides a natural climbing environment for reptiles, birds, and rodents. Perfect for providing basking areas, allowing access to heat sources and UVB bulbs. Not recommended for moist or extremely humid (75%+ R/H) habitats!

Magnolia Seed Pods

A natural vivarium decor item

Magnolia Seed Pod
A neat decor item for live vivariums. Resists breaking down long-term and acts as a great refuge for springtails & other beneficial microfauna.
Available Quantities:
SALE - 25% OFF: $1.49/ea

Malaysian Driftwood

A great looking type of driftwood, suitable for a wide variety of habitats

Malaysian Driftwood
Malaysian driftwood sinks in water, and resists breaking down even in humid/wet conditions just like Mopani, but the texture & color of this wood is very unique.

Monkey Pods

A natural vivarium decor item

Monkey Pods
Monkey Pods are one of the most sought after wood vivarium accent items. Long lasting in even very humid conditions, these add a great touch of realism to any vivarium's floor. Sizes range from 2"-3".
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A heavy two tone African hardwood which sinks in water

A beautiful two color African hardwood. Mopani is one of the hardest and most dense wood types available, and is suitable in just about any type of environment. A common choice for aquarium enthusiasts for the wood's ability to sink in water, and hold up indefinitely. Suitable for enclosures ranging from aquatic to desert.

Sapucaia Pods

A natural vivarium decor item, also known as Monkey Pots

Monkey Pots
Also referred to as "Monkey Pots", these larger pods can be used as a hide, water bowl, or even as a planter in some larger terrariums. A very realistic addition to any tropical style vivarium build. Sizes range from 5-7".

Seed Pods

A natural vivarium decor item

Seed Pod
There are a handful of different names we've heard for these, but we commonly refer to them as seed pods. These usually hold water, and can be used in a number of ways. Some smaller species will use these as a hide, and some people use these as little planters mounted in background work. Sizes range from 2.5-3.5".
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Tree Fern Panels

High quality tree fern plaques with tons of uses

Tree Fern Panels
A new arrival at NEHERP, these high quality tree fern panels are available in three sizes for your convenience. Commonly used to mount orchids & other epiphytic plants, and for use in custom vivarium backgrounds. Lasts long term in even the most humid conditions.
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