Vivarium / Terrarium Appropriate Selaginella


Selaginella erythropus

Red Club Moss

Selaginella erythropus Selaginella erythropus
A fairly slow growing plant that's a little more difficult to grow than other Selaginella we carry. The tops of each leaf are green and the bottoms are red, giving the plant it's "red club moss" common name. Very well suited to vivarium life with high humidity requirements. Must be kept moist in partial shade to thrive long-term. Leaves are prone to burning under bright lights, so consider planting this in a shady corner of your enclosure. Available in rooted portions, 3in pots, and 4in pots.
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S. erythropus
S. kraussiana
S. uncinata

Selaginella kraussiana

Golden Spike Moss

Selaginella kraussiana Selaginella kraussiana
A very nice low growing trailing plant. Ideal for use in a vivarium with high (80%+) humidity, on fast-draining substrate kept moist but not saturated. S. kraussiana can turn a beautiful golden sheen in high light & high humidity conditions which also gives it it's common name; "golden spike moss". Allow for some airflow to ensure good growth & a healthy plant.
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Selaginella uncinata

Rainbow Spike Moss

Selaginella uncinata Selaginella uncinata
A trailing species of Selaginella with a beautiful blue/green-metallic coloration. Selaginella uncinata thrives on fast-draining soil kept moist but not saturated. This species does not tolerate extremely bright lighting, and is best planted in a humid, shady location with some airflow. In our greenhouse, we grow these about 24in away from the nearest T5HO, and mist them daily for added moisture. This plant will slowly trail outward from wherever it's planted as it acclimates, with the blue coloration growing brighter in ideal conditions. Can also be planted high to trail downward in an enclosure.
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