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Insiders get their choice of 100% free stuff with every $50+ order! :-)

Insiders can select free stuff with every $50+ order! :-)
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The above examples are just sample of the 15 available instant rewards currently available! Free items are available for all orders $50+, and each reward ships out along with the order. (Except for the free NEHERP-bred Mourning Geckos & Frogs, which are shipped separately.) If you are already a subscriber, log in & enjoy the instant rewards! Otherwise, visit our Insider Newsletter Page to sign up!

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Buy One Get One Free "Easy" Plants: Pothos, Wandering Jew, Hoya carnosa
NEHERP LDL 17% Off: Our best selling drainage layer media @ $4.99/gallon
Live Frogs & Geckos: A limited availability extremely healthy NEHERP-bred herps.
Buy One Get One Free "Easy" Plants
Pothos, Wandering Jew, Hoya carnosa
Our best selling drainage layer media @ $4.99/gallon
Live Frogs & Geckos
A limited availability extremely healthy NEHERP-bred herps.

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Fruit Fly Cultures

Some of the highest quality fruit fly cultures online!

NEHERP Fruit Fly Feeder Cultures

All freshly started cultures on sale now!

Visit Fruit Fly Culture Page

Sphagnum Moss

New Zealand AAA Grade Sphagnum

Sphagnum Moss Sphagnum Moss
Our sustainably harvested, AAA-Grade Sphagnum moss has dozens of uses with thousands of different types of plants. Sphagnum moss is a versatile, long-lasting product renowned for its water holding capacity. Most commonly used by commercial growers and hobbyists for cultivating various orchid species, assisting with the growth of young plants, as a soil additive, and as a decorative enhancement and as a liner for hanging baskets.
100 gram = ~2US GAL when hydrated | 150 gram = 3.17 US GAL when hydrated | 500 gram = 10.57 US GAL when hydrated | 1 kilogram = 21.13 US GAL when hydrated | 3 kilograms = 63.40 US GAL when hydrated

Our Best Sphagnum Moss - 5-10% Off!

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All of our vivarium component kits are 5% off of purchasing things separately!

Complete support for 30 of the most popular types of enclosures


The Online Vivarium Builder
Vivarium Builder

Design your vivarium online from the ground up, starting with enclosure-specific advice & info.

Vivarium Custom Background Kits
Background Decor Kits

Great looking custom background kits for smaller species & heavy duty kits for larger ones.

Vivarium Substrate Base Kits
Base Kits

Packages of substrate, drainage layer media, and a screen separator for all common enclosure sizes.

Complete Vivarium Kits
Complete Kits

A complete "vivarium in a box" solution for over two dozen of the most popular enclosures.

Vivarium Lighting Kits
Lighting Kits

Lighting for specific enclosure sizes, designed around our proven LED & Fluorescent solutions.

Vivarium Plant Packs
Plant Packs

Discounted plant packages designed for specific enclosure sizes and animal species!