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We've been growing vivarium suitable plants for the enthusiast community since 2009, and our team enjoys every minute of it. Thanks to client support over the years, our warehouse was expanded in 2015 to include much larger indoor greenhouse areas, and we look forward to increasing our plant availability even further as time goes on.
All of the plants grown in-house at NEHERP are propagated without chemical hormones, grown without harsh fertilizers, and absolutely no pesticides are used. In fact, the majority of the supplies we use in our greenhouse (from lighting to substrates!) are available through our terrarium horticulture division. With our controlled growing environments, long-proven selection of plants, and unique packing & shipping methods, you can rest assured that you'll love your NEHERP-supplied plants! (And so will the vivarium's inhabitants!) If you have any questions at all pertaining to the care of the plants we offer, don't hesitate to contact us! We're happy to help!
Before ordering plants, please read our perishable shipping guarantee.

Big, Healthy Plants.

No 2in pots @ NEHERP!
Summer Greenhouse
Summer Greenhouse
Summer Greenhouse
"Elevator" Room
Built in an old elevator shaft!
LED Plant Rack
Using Jungle Dawn LEDs!
Summer Greenhouse
Main Greenhouse
Main Greenhouse
The NEHERP Team!
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When Temps Are Between 45-85F:

Perishable Shipping Guarantee: Fair Temperatures
NEHERP's Guaranteed Ground Shipping Applies! In these fair weather conditions, all perishable packages using all shipping methods are guaranteed to arrive safely to all locations! If a perishable order shipped under our guarantee arrives damaged, the affected items will be replaced or refunded at NEHERP's expense. Wherever you are located, you can ship ground confidently when temps are 45-85F! :-)
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When Temps Are Above 85F or Below 45F:

Perishable Shipping Guarantee: High & Low Temperatures
We can't offer a guarantee for orders shipped ground in these temps, unless the client is located near NEHERP. We'll ship ground to save you money on shipping if you don't mind the risk, but can only offer our guarantee (in temps over 85F or or under 45F) when express shipping is chosen. In some cases, it may be cost effective to ship any heavy items using ground shipping, with the remaining lighter perishables shipping express service.
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For Clients Located Near NEHERP:

Perishable Shipping Guarantee: Local Clients
Nearby clients within 1 ship day can ship using ground service guaranteed in most temperatures. All clients in CT, MA, RI, VT, NH, NJ, and NYC are included. Most clients in PA, ME, NY, and DE are covered too. Unless temperatures are what we'd consider extreme, local clients can ship ground guaranteed, year-round!
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During Extreme Temperatures:

Perishable Shipping Guarantee: Extreme Temperatures
Our staff might consider conditions in the "extreme" category if temperatures are approaching 100F+, diving down below 20F, or when a storm is likely to delay a package in transit. In these cases, we'll likely make contact to schedule the safest shipping window possible.
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Before ordering plants, please review our complete perishable shipping guarantee & order processing timetable for plant orders. Also, please keep an eye on the forecast for your area.