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Alsobia dianthiflora

Lace Flower Vine

Alsobia dianthiflora
Alsobia dianthiflora is a fairly quick-growing terrestrial Gesneriad with interesting white flowers. It tolerates moderate to bright light, and thrives in a humid vivarium with moist ABG or NEHERP substrate. Even at a fairly small size the plant may throw multiple stolons, which will grow plantlets that can either be allowed to grow in, or removed/replanted. Native to Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Mexico.
5.49/ea 3.5" Potted Plant

Callisia repens

Bolivian Wandering Jew

Callisia repens
A super easy to grow plant, Callisia repens will creep & climb on backgrounds & terrain with ease. This is one of the most bulletproof plants one can use in a vivarium, for it's tolerance of a wide variety of conditions. Tolerates bright or dim light, & high to medium humidity. Grows quickly!
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Cryptanthus bivitattus

Earth Star

Cryptanthus bivitattus Cryptanthus bivitattus
We've got some beautiful Cryptanthus with great coloration and shape available! Ours are healthy, vibrant, and are grown long enough to resemble the healthy plants in the photos above. These do best with plenty of light, and can be planted terrestrially in well-draining substrate or mounted epiphytically on a background/decor item. They will thrive in lower light conditions as well, but thrive best in high light. Colors range from deep green to bright red/pink. If you have a preference, let us know after you check out. We can't promise specifics, but if we've got the color you want we'll be glad to send it along!

Dischidia ruscifolia

Million Hearts

Dischidia ruscifolia Dischidia ruscifolia
A less-than-common epiphytic trailing plant. Does great in humid vivariums when mounted high & allowed to trail downward. Provide moderate to bright lighting for best results. We suggest using a very fast draining soil, if not mounting this plant epiphytically.
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Neoregelia "Pup" Assortment

A growers choice assortment of discounted Neoregelia offsets

Neoregelia Offsets / Pups Neoregelia Offsets / Pups Neoregelia Offsets / Pups
Not often available, our Neoregelia "pups" are young divisions of a mature Neoregelia, perfect for use in a live vivarium. Each plant is individually wrapped & labeled with species ID! This is our most highly discounted way to purchase healthy Neoregelias. All species included are on the smaller side when mature, and are appropriate for live vivariums & terrariums. The same guarantees and quality as buying mature Neoregelias individually, only with heavily discounted pup-price. This batch of Neoregelia pups is absolutely brilliant looking - you won't be disappointed! We do our absolute best to keep repeat species to a minimum in each assortment, to ensure an awesome variety.
As low as $5.99/ea!
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Limited quantity available! Limit 10 per client

Peperomia prostrata

Peperomia prostrata Peperomia prostrata
This is one of the most sought-after Peperomia species in the live vivarium hobby. It's native to tropical South America, and it's delicate trailing pattern makes it an excellent vivarium plant. This is one of the more difficult of the usually easy to grow Peperomia species we offer, and isn't available often. Grows epiphytically or terrestrially, so long as it has area to hang downward. Tolerates low to moderate amounts of light, and does best with moist soil.
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Extremely limited quantity of this hard-to-find plant. Limit 1 per client.

Peperomia serpens

Peperomia serpens Peperomia serpens
Peperomia serpens is an easy & popular choice for anyone looking for a great looking trailing plant. Can be planted low to grow up a background, or planted high to trail downward. Tolerates a wide variety of conditions, and is considered an excellent plant for enthusiasts of any experience level. Does best with a well draining soil that's allowed to dry slightly between watering.
$4.99/ea 3in Pot

Peperomia serpens 'Variegated'

Peperomia serpens Variegated
Fairly common in the hobby, Peperomia serpens 'Variegated' is an easy choice for anyone looking for a great looking trailing plant. Can be planted low to grow up a background, or planted high to trail downward. Tolerates a wide variety of conditions. Does best with a well draining soil that's allowed to dry slightly between watering.
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Pellionia repens

Pellionia repens
An uncommon, beautiful plant that's very well suited to most tropical vivarium conditions. Leaves may turn reddish orange in bright light, with most new growth being green. An excellent choice for any humid vivarium requiring a vining/trailing plant! The waxy, brightly colored 1"-1.75" leaves make for a really great looking species. Does best under bright light, while tolerating a wide variety of soil conditions.
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Philodendron hederaceum 'Brasil'

Philodendron Brasil

Philodendron hederaceum 'Brasil'
A tropical Philodendron native to much of central & South America including (as you may have guessed), Brazil. Has a very similar growth pattern to the more common Heart Leaf Philo, only with a variegation to the leaves. A fast grower which is easy to propagate, and tolerates a fairly wide range of environmental conditions, and is tolerant of a wide variety of lighting conditions. Will require some trimming as it grows.
$4.99/ea 3in Pot

Pilea glauca

Pilea Aquamarine

Pilea aquamarine Pilea aquamarine
A beautiful, delicate, trailing species of Pilea that's an excellent choice for mounting high & allowing it to drape downward. This species will also grow along the floor of a vivarium, if given the opportunity. 4" Pot shown above left. Will grow epiphytically in highly humid enclosures, or can be planted in a quick-draining substrate that's kept moist.
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Rabbit's Foot Fern

Davallia fejeensis

Rabbit's Foot Fern Rabbit's Foot Fern
Our most popular & most requested species of fern. This unique plant's fuzzy rhizomes crawl across the vivarium floor & along wood vivarium decor, sprouting new growth as it spreads. Rabbit's Foot Fern does best when the substrate or growth surface isn't allowed to completely dry between watering. This plant can grow epiphytically, and is a great candidate for mounting on a background, or planting on an elevated wood decor item. (Although it thrives in NEHERP vivariuum substrates too!) In our experience, this plant prefers medium/high light, and grows to 6-10" tall. Ideal for vivariums of all sizes.
Well established plants, typically 5-7in tall!

Tissue Cultured Plants

Hard to source species for humid environments

Tissue Cultured Terrarium Plants
We've got a nice selection of specially cultured species which are suitable for a wide range of humid or aquatic environments. Check them out on our Tissue Cultured Plants Page!
Plants start at $13.99/ea!
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