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Callisia repens

Bolivian Wandering Jew

Callisia repens
A super easy to grow plant, Callisia repens will creep & climb on backgrounds & terrain with ease. This is one of the most bulletproof plants one can use in a vivarium, for it's tolerance of a wide variety of conditions. Tolerates bright or dim light, & high to medium humidity. Grows quickly!
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Cyanotis kewensis

Teddy Bear Vine

Cyanotis kewensis Cyanotis kewensis
A member of the Commelinaceae family of flowering plants, sharing some relation to the more common Tradescantia & Callisia 'Wandering Jew' plants. Like it's cousins, Cyanotis kewensis grows tolerates a wide variety of both lighting & substrate conditions, but doesn't grow as quickly. The Teddy Bear Vine seems to tolerate short periods of dryness better than many plants we carry, and would be a suitable choice for vivarium dwelling species of a variety of different sizes. Does not require much light, but will tolerate a fair amount if provided.
2-3qty 5-7in Clippings $4.49

Dischidia ruscifolia

Million Hearts

Dischidia ruscifolia Dischidia ruscifolia
A less-than-common epiphytic trailing plant. Does great in humid vivariums when mounted high & allowed to trail downward. Provide moderate to bright lighting for best results. We suggest using a very fast draining soil, if not mounting this plant epiphytically.
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Epipremnum aureum 'Neon'

Neon Pothos

Neon Pothos Neon Pothos
Neon Pothos is just like the more common 'Golden Pothos', only with solid lime green leaves. One of the easiest vivarium plants to grow, and an excellent choice for a beginner or someone looking for a nearly non-killable plant! These grow fairly quickly and will require some trimming occasionally but it's a very easy plant to propagate, so nothing goes to waste! Hardy leaves offer vivarium inhabitants places to hide & climb. Sold in 3" pots as shown above.
$4.29/ea 3in Pot

Ficus pumila

Creeping Fig in standard green & variegated cultivars

Creeping Fig
A very commonly used creeping vine, available in both standard/green, and variegated cultivars. Tolerant of a wide variety of lighting conditions, but requires a humid environment, and must never be allowed to dry out. This plant will eagerly grow to cover a background or vivarium decor item, and is likely to require regular trimming once acclimated.
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Heart Fern

Hemonitis arifolia

Heart Fern
A beautiful heart-shaped miniature fern that thrives in humid vivarium conditions! Grows to about 6-8" tall. Thrives under moderate amounts of light, and sucecptable to leaf burning & discoloration under extremely bright conditions. Does best with a well draining soil that's kept moist. Heart Fern does not tolerate periods of dryness, so be sure to keep soil moist!
$6.49/ea - 4in pot
Well established plant, typically 5-7in+ tall!

Kangaroo Fern

Microsorum pustulatum

Kangaroo Fern
A medium to large species with beautiful glossy green leaves. This plant grows on a rhizome in a trailing/vining pattern. Younger plants (as shown & sold) have multiple fronds that eventually grow into wider pinnae, which resemble a Kangaroo's footprint. An excellent choice for vivaria housing inhabitants large or small. In nature, this plant grows epiphytically on tree branches, as well as at ground level. This plant's is a great looking & easy choice for many vivariums, especially enclosures housing larger species of Reptile & Amphibian. At NEHERP, we often use these in Gargoyle Gecko, Crested Gecko, and Leachianus Gecko live vivariums, and the plants absolutely thrive. Can easily be mounted on a background, so long as the rhizome is 1'st wrapped with a little Sphagnum.
$5.99/ea Lg Rooted Portion
Large rooted portion from mature plants in our greenhouse. (Equivalent to 4in pot)


Neoregelia "Pup" Assortment

A growers choice assortment of discounted Neoregelia offsets

Neoregelia Offsets / Pups Neoregelia Offsets / Pups Neoregelia Offsets / Pups
Not often available, our Neoregelia "pups" are young divisions of a mature Neoregelia, perfect for use in a live vivarium. Each plant is individually wrapped & labeled with species ID! This is our most highly discounted way to purchase healthy Neoregelias. All species included are on the smaller side when mature, and are appropriate for live vivariums & terrariums. The same guarantees and quality as buying mature Neoregelias individually, only with heavily discounted pup-price. This batch of Neoregelia pups is absolutely brilliant looking - you won't be disappointed! We do our absolute best to keep repeat species to a minimum in each assortment, to ensure an awesome variety.
As low as $5.99/ea!
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Limited quantity available! Limit 10 per client

Peperomia prostrata

Peperomia prostrata Peperomia prostrata
This is one of the most sought-after Peperomia species in the live vivarium hobby. It's native to tropical South America, and it's delicate trailing pattern makes it an excellent vivarium plant. This is one of the more difficult of the usually easy to grow Peperomia species we offer, and isn't available often. Grows epiphytically or terrestrially, so long as it has area to hang downward. Tolerates low to moderate amounts of light, and does best with moist soil.
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Extremely limited quantity of this hard-to-find plant. Limit 1 per client.

Peperomia japonica

Peperomia japonica Peperomia japonica
A great looking trailing Peperomia species. It's difficult to see in the picture, but it's got a slight "watermelon" coloration to the leaves. Extremely easy to propagate & grow in a variety of lighting conditions, so long as humidity is kept high. Does well with a fast draining soil that's allowed to dry slightly between watering.
$3.99/3-5 Clippings

Peperomia quadrangularis

Peperomia 'Beetle'

Peperomia quadrangularis Peperomia Beetle
A creeping/trailing species of Peperomia with striped oblong leaves which grow symmetrically along the stems. Native to Panama & Northern South America, the plant is equally at home growing in substrate or when mounted epiphytically in a humid environment. Tolerates low to moderate amounts of light, and thrives with plenty of humidity. Leaves grow to be about 1in long. It's appearance is very similar to Dischidia ovata, only at around 1/4 the cost.
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Pellionia pulchra

Satin Pellionia / Polynesian Ivy

Pellionia pulchra
A fairly difficult plant to propagate outside the vivarium condition, Pellionia pulchra is an understory dweller that does best with moderate to low light conditions, in moist substrate. Higher humidity is a must with this species, as lower humidity will cause drying out & discoloration of the leaves. Does not tolerate cold (sub 65F) conditions well, but thrives in warmer environments. This plant benefits from direct misting, and should be planted in a fairly dim or shaded location for best growth. Grows about 3-4in upwards before trailing downwards, so planting this species higher in an enclosure is recommended.
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Selaginella erythropus

Red Club Moss

Selaginella erythropus Selaginella erythropus
A fairly slow growing plant that's a little more difficult to grow than other Selaginella we carry. The tops of each leaf are green and the bottoms are red, giving the plant it's "red club moss" common name. Very well suited to vivarium life with high humidity requirements. Must be kept moist in partial shade to thrive long-term. Leaves are prone to burning under bright lights, so consider planting this in a shady corner of your enclosure. Available in rooted portions, 3in pots, and 4in pots.
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Vanilla planifolia

Vanilla Orchid

Vanilla Planifolia Orchid
A great looking vining plant that makes a great addition to any tropical vivarium. Vanilla planifolia does best in warm (70°F+), humid (75%R/H+) conditions, and won't thrive in a much more dry environment. Grows epiphytically without much effort in very humid enclosures, or can be planted in a fast-draining substrate that doesn't get too saturated. Will survive in lower-light conditions, but it does best with bright lighting.
$7.99/ea 5-7" Clipping

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