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Our well proven NEHERP live vivarium moss was the first thing we sold online back in 2009, and was part of what helped put our small family business on the map. To this day, our different 100% all-natural vivarium moss varieties remain some of the best selling products we offer. Each of our different moss species is 100% all natural, and was specifically selected for use in a live vivarium or terrarium. Whether you are looking for a terrestrial species, or something that can grow on decor or a background, we've got what you'll need to get it done. If you are new to the process, detailed care sheets containing advice on how to successfully grow our NEHERP Live Moss, and NEHERP Live Moss Slurry are just a click/tap away. As the time of this update (09/15), we're currently working on a couple new original moss products... Keep an eye out, and thanks for choosing NEHERP!
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Try Selaginella for "Spike Moss" or Tillandsias for "Spanish Moss".

NEHERP Terrarium Moss

Thuidium delicatulum

Vivarium Moss Low Growing Vivarium Moss Terrarium Moss
By far one of our best sellers. Our live moss is 100% all natural, pesticide & dye free. It'll grow upward and outward in well lit vivariums with high humidity. Our moss is is sold pre-processed in resealable bags, and is safe for immediate use in vivariums. Can be mounted epiphytically or terrestrially, depending on the goals for your application. This species is perfectly suited to vivarium conditions. Since 2009, we're the only terrarium plant supplier that pre-processes moss for you! Our moss thrives on either NEHERP or ABG substrate, and can tolerate a wide variety of lighting conditions ranging from partial shade to full sun. Please note that the moss pictured above had about 2-3 months to acclimate, and will require time to grow & become that lush. Please check out our moss caresheet for advice on how to grow it successfully.
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NEHERP Live Moss Slurry

A live moss mix slurry made from NEHERP’s custom blend of different species

NEHERP Live Moss Slurry Packaging NEHERP Live Moss Slurry Growing On Cork Bark NEHERP Live Moss Slurry Growing Epiphytically NEHERP Live Moss Slurry Growing On Ghostwood
Click to enlarge photos. Surrounding plants (shown) not included in Moss Slurry.
Our live moss slurry is a concentrated blend of different moss & plant species that can be used to initiate growth on different terrarium decor. Our mix will acclimate quickly in most temperate, subtropical, and tropical vivaria when relative humidity averages 75% or higher. It can be successfully planted in crevices in wood/rocks/backgrounds, on tree fern panels, or simply spread lightly over leaf litter or substrate for a slightly grown-in forest floor look as it acclimates. Since our Moss Slurry is prepared using live moss & plants, acclimation will begin to visually occur within just 3-4 weeks in most cases. Once acclimated, the growth will spread to nearby backgrounds, wood decor, and rocks. Depending on the amount of light available to the mix, different species will out-grow others to ensure at least some nice looking growth even in fairly dim areas of an enclosure. (Click for example of low-light growth) For fastest & most aggressive growth, please use our inexpensive LED Vivarium Lighting Kits. Our mix is made fresh every week, and should be used within a day or two of receipt for best results. Click for detailed instructions.
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Tissue Cultured Moss

Hard to source species for humid environments

Riccia fluitans Taxiphyllum barbieri Vesicularia ferriei Vesicularia montagnei
Riccia, Java Moss, Weeping Moss, and Christmas Moss
We've got a nice selection of specially cultured moss species which are suitable for a wide range of humid or aquatic environments. Check them out on our Tissue Cultured Plants Page!
Plants start at $13.99/ea!
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Usually $13.99/ea
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Visit Tissue Cultured Plants Page

Pillow Moss

A slow-growing, low-growing species of moss

Tropical Pillow Moss For Terrariums & Vivariums
Lush, green, well-started quality pillow moss that's shipped moist in resealable bags. This species is a very slow grower, and is easily manageable in any enclosure size. One of the most commonly sold moss types for tropical vivariums. Does well on either NEHERP or ABG substrate, and requires bright light. Don't allow this moss to dry out or remain over-saturated for extended periods of time.
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Exo Terra Forest Moss

A 2-pack of compressed moss bricks

Exo Terra Forest Moss
Exo Terra Forest Moss is real compressed moss grown in tropical Asia. This ecological substrate is ideal for increasing humidity in the terrarium and is totally safe for frogs, salamanders and burrowing or digging animals. Forest Moss is extremely absorbent and is recommended in humidifying shelters, and as an ideal egg-laying or incubation medium. This completely natural forest moss has no dyes or chemicals, and each brick expands to 7L when soaked in water.
This moss is a very economical option, however it is a dry product, and will take much longer & be more difficult to acclimate than our live moss options. It's also an excellent choice for humidifying shelters & even as an egg-laying media.
2-pk Compressed Bricks $5.99/ea

Zoo Med Frog Moss

Zoo Med Frog Moss
Completely natural frog moss for use with a wide variety of amphibian & reptile species. Use as a top substrate or decorative accent in vivarium/terrarium applications. Dried moss can come back to life and grow in proper conditions.
This moss is a very economical option, however it is a dry product, and will take much longer & be more difficult to acclimate than our live moss options.

Sphagnum Moss (New Zealand AAA-Grade)

Our best selling type of Sphagnum

AAA Besgrow Sphagnum Moss from New Zealand
This premium-grade New Zealand Sphagnum moss is one of the highest quality types available on the market today. Sustainably harvested & available in a variety of sizes for your convenience. Sphagnum moss is a versatile, long-lasting product renowned for its water holding capacity. Most commonly used by commercial growers and hobbyists for cultivating various orchid species, assisting with the growth of young plants, as a decorative enhancement and as a liner for hanging baskets. In herpetoculture, it's often used as a substrate ingredient, or as a substrate on it's own. If kept moist under appropriate lighting, this Sphagnum may eventually reanimate to it's lush green live state.
Available Sizes:
150 gram = 3.17 US GAL when hydrated
500 gram = 10.57 US GAL when hydrated
1 kilogram = 21.13 US GAL when hydrated
3 kilograms = 63.40 US GAL when hydrated
Available Sizes

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