Live Moss
NEHERP Terrarium Moss
Thuidium delicatulum
NEHERP Live Moss For Terrariums & Vivariums NEHERP Live Moss For Terrariums & Vivariums NEHERP Live Moss For Terrariums & Vivariums
By far one of our best sellers. Our live moss is 100% all natural, pesticide & dye free. It'll grow upward and outward in well lit vivariums with high humidity. Our moss is is sold pre-processed in resealable bags, and is safe for immediate use in vivariums. Can be mounted epiphytically or terrestrially, depending on the goals for your application. This species is perfectly suited to vivarium conditions. Since 2007, we're the only terrarium plant supplier that pre-processes moss for you! Our moss thrives on either NEHERP or ABG substrate, and can tolerate a wide variety of lighting conditions ranging from partial shade to full sun. Please note that the moss pictured above had about 2-3 months to acclimate, and will require time to grow & become that lush. Please check out our moss caresheet for advice on how to grow it successfully.
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Pillow Moss
Tropical Pillow Moss
Lush, green, well-started quality pillow moss that's shipped moist in resealable bags. This species is a fairly slow grower, and is easily managable in any enclosure size. One of the most commonly sold moss types for tropical vivariums. Does well on either NEHERP or ABG substrate, and requires bright light. Don't allow this moss to dry out or remain over-saturated for extended periods of time.
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Zoo Med Frog Moss
Zoo Med Frog Moss
Completely natural frog moss for use with a wide variety of amphibian & reptile species. Use as a top substrate or decorative accent in vivarium/terrarium applications. Dried moss can come back to life and grow in proper conditions.
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