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Exo Terra Rock Terrarium Background
An inexpensive & easy background to use
Exo Terra BackgroundExo Terra Background
Manufacturer Description
The Rock Terrarium Background from Exo Terra is an easy to cut background that has an incredible natural look. It creates a multi-dimensional habitat that is ideal for climbing reptiles or it can be simply used to beautify the natural look of the terrarium. Like all Exo Terra natural terrarium decorations, the color and texture of the Rock Terrarium Background has been chosen to create a perfectly harmonized environment, humid or dry. The deep ridges in the back are perfect to hide wires or tubing from pumps or Heat Wave Rocks. The background is made from black polystyrene, so it will not be obvious when the background is accidentally damaged (white polystyrene is very obvious when the coating is damaged). Polystyrene has the advantage of providing insulation and is easy to cut to fit any size of terrarium.
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Tree Fern Panels
High quality tree fern plaques with tons of uses
NEHERP Tree Fern Panels
A new arrival at NEHERP, these high quality tree fern panels are available in three sizes for your convenience. Commonly used to mount orchids & other epiphytic plants, and for use in custom vivarium backgrounds. Lasts long term in even the most humid conditions.
Temporarily Sold Out - More Arriving Early January
Fluker's Bamboo Bars
Easily positionable Bamboo Bars are another way to add levels/ledges to your enclosure!
Fluker's Bamboo Bars Fluker's Bamboo Bars
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Manufacturer Description
Fluker's Bamboo Bars look and feel like real bamboo, making a reptile feel right at home. The Bamboo is spring-loaded, which enables the bar to expand and retract from 10.5" to 15" when placed in a terrarium. The Bamboo contains pivoting suction cups on both ends, enabling the bar to fit almost anywhere.
Fluker's Bamboo Bars 2-Pack $7.99/ea
Magnaturals Rock Ledges
Realistic, lightweight faux-granite ledges are attached using magnets for easy maintenance
Magnaturals Small Rock Ledge Magnaturals Medium Rock Ledge
Small Ledge - 8" X 4" Medium Ledge - 11" X 5"
Manufacturer Description
Perfect for all reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates up to 1 pound! Take advantage of the vertical terrarium climbing space as well as giving your terrarium pet a natural outlet for their climbing behavior. MagNaturals Rock Ledges will create a beautiful, natural and beneficial addition to your pets environment. Install or relocate in seconds using non-toxic, guaranteed-for-life magnets. Easy to clean, easy to use, and a great way to maximize terrarium space.
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Magnaturals Gecko Ledges
Realistic, lightweight faux-granite ledges with built-in feeding stations
Magnaturals Gecko Ledge
Size: 9" X 4.75"
Manufacturer Description
The Gecko Ledge was designed for crested geckos but can be used for all other wall climbers. It holds two 2oz disposable cups that can be reused several times before being replaced.
NEHERP Description
We use these a lot in-house to offer Repashy Gecko Diet, and can't say a bad thing about them.
Gecko Feeder Ledge $19.99/ea
Magnaturals Planter Ledges
An excellent choice for any naturalistic terrarium build
Magnaturals Planter Ledge 1 Magnaturals Planter Ledge 2 Magnaturals Planter Ledge 3
Small Planter Ledge - Size 8"W X 6.5"D X 3.75"H Medium Planter Ledge - Size 14"W x 6.5"D x 3.75"H
Manufacturer Description
Designed to hold a standard 4" pot. You can place the pot inside the Planter Ledge or remove the plant from the pot and directly plant it. Live plants in your terrarium not only allow you to create a more natural environment for your pet, they increase terrarium humidity and provide hiding space. The Medium Planter Ledge has a ledge in addition to a planter so your terrarium pet can bask or hide under the plant foliage.
NEHERP Description
Awesome for any naturalistic terrarium. If you'll be using an automated misting system in conjunction with this ledge, it's worth drilling a small hole in the bottom to ensure water won't pool inside (killing the plant). We've always got a bunch of live plants available.
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Modular Cork Planters
Specially Selected Cork Rounds Cut At Neat 45° Angles For Use As Mountable Background Planters & Ledges
Modular Cork Planters For Custom Backgrounds
Hover over the image for large & small planter illustration
A quick & easy way to add a realistic planter or ledge to a Cork Background or Custom Background, in any type of enclosure. Custom backgrounds will have these attached using silicone, but when using a Cork Tile Background, they can either be attached using silicone, or stainless steel hardware. Once mounted, the planter can either be filled with appropriate substrate for whatever plant will be planted within, or used alone as a hide or ledge. Available in two different sizes, with each being cut at 45° angles, for easy mounting. Click here for an a bare background fitment photo of the above enclosure.
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NEHERP Custom Background Kit
NEHERP Custom Vivarium Background Kit NEHERP Custom Vivarium Background Kit NEHERP Custom Vivarium Background Kit
We offer a few sizes of this kit, depending on the type of the enclosure you'll be building. Because everyone's style of building is different, we've slightly underestimated the amount each tube of silicone can cover, to ensure you won't run-out during the process. (In this case, it's much better to have a little extra, than not have enough!) Plants, wood decor, and substrate (shown in the above finished vivarium photos) are sold separately.
Consult the chart (below) for information on which size kit we'd recommend for your specific enclosure. The below numbers allow for the background to partially cover the sides of the enclosure, as well as the back panel. If your plan is to build an extremely intricate background to extend & cover both sides completely, it may be worth adding an extra tube of silicone, just to be extra safe. Glove numbers are pairs, to allow for mistakes, as well as curing time between coats.
Because there are so many options available, wood decor items are not included with this kit, and must be purchased separately if you'd like to have one mounted in a background.
For detailed information on how to use this kit, please check out our Custom Terrarium Background DIY Guide!
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NEHERP Custom Background Texture Mix
Specifically formulated to add a dark, detailed texture to custom terrarium backgrounds
NEHERP Custom Terrarium Background Texture Mix NEHERP Custom Terrarium Background Texture Mix
Want more detail in your background than standard fine coconut fiber? Our new custom background texture substrate is a carefully mixed blend of Canadian organic peat moss, shredded coconut husks, and coconut fiber. The peat moss helps make the mixture darker, while shredded coconut husks add a more detailed texture than coconut fiber can provide alone. With our mix's ingredients, most epiphytic vines & trailing plants will be able to climb up & grow on your custom background with ease.
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Rolled Double-Sided Tropical / Boulder Background Material
Roll Background Material For TerrariumsTerrarium Roll Background On Sides, With Zoo Med Cork Tile Background
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These backgrounds are available in 19" and 24" heights, available by the foot or 50' roll. One side has a glossy photo quality rainforest theme, and the other shows a matte-finish gray boulder scene. An inexpensive way to add some realism & hiding cover for your inhabitant species. Above right photo shows a live vivarium with a Zoo Med Cork Tile Background on back panel, with roll background material on the sides. Easily affixed to enclosures with tape. (Not Included)
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Zoo Med Mushroom Ledge
A realistic mushroom ledge, firmly attached using silicone
Zoo Med Mushroom Ledge
Manufacturer Description
Creates an elevated perch for reptiles and amphibians. Includes black silicone adhesive for attaching to terrarium wall. Small size is 4.5" X 7", and large size is 6" X 12".
NEHERP Description
Great for mounting in custom-backgrounds! Learn all about the process on our custom background DIY page.
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Zoo Med Cork & Forest Tile Backgrounds
Our best selling & favorite "drop in" vivarium background
Zoo Med Cork Tile Zoo Med Cork Tile Zoo Med Forest Tile Zoo Med Forest Tile
Zoo Med Cork Tile + live vivarium background example (accessories sold separately) Zoo Med Forest Tile + a close-up shot for detail. (Lygodactylus williamsi Geckos)
Manufacturer Description
Natural Forest & Cork Tile panels for terrarium/vivarium backgrounds. Panels are pre-cut to fit Zoo Meds Naturalistic Terrariums or can be cut for custom sizes. Perfect for high-humidity environments as they are highly resistant to mold or mildew. Use several panels for large enclosures. Four sizes available.
NEHERP Description
If you are considering the drop-in background route, these are our favorite type to use, and provide a more durable background solution for larger inhabitants than a Custom Background could. The difference between the cork tile & forest tile backgrounds is color & texture, with the cork tile having a thicker, lighter pattern than the forest tile. Both function identically, and are about 5/8"-3/4" thick. If you are working with a live vivarium, epiphytic plants will root to these backgrounds if the enclosures are humid & misted often. These backgrounds can be carefully cut-down to fit any enclosure size. For permanently installing these on an enclosure, we suggest resting the terrarium on it's back panel, adding a few lines of silicone where the background will go, and settling a book or two on top of the cork panel to ensure a tight-fit. Our new modular cork planters can easily be added to a cork tile background to add extra dimension, and a place to mount live or artificial plants.
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