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Live Plants For Vivariums & Terrariums

Healthy & safe plants for bioactive environments

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About Our Plants

Our Goals:

Plant Growing On Custom Terrarium Background Healthy Terrarium Plants For Sale Best Live Moss For Bioactive Terrariums & Live Vivariums
We aim to offer the biggest, healthiest, cleanest, most natural, and best-priced terrarium plants out there. Those five goals are easier said than done, but we've spent each year since we opened in 2009 developing a number of unique processes which help our plants stand out. Our indoor terrarium plant nursery has evolved quite a lot over the years, but we're still a pretty small-scale family operation. Our team of dedicated enthusiasts keeps an especially close eye on the plants we're growing, and ensures we offer some of the best terrarium plants available.

Our Growing Environments:

Terrarium Plant Specialty Store Terrarium Plant Grower Terrarium & Rare Plant Specialist Bioactive Terrarium Plant Store Vivarium Plant Store
Our growing process actually starts at our front door, where we rely on tight quarantine procedures to prevent plant pests from entering our shop. Beyond that, our grow areas are separated into separate climate controlled areas which were designed to help keep things isolated. Each of the plant propagation rooms features filtered forced air exchange to ensure our plants remain clean, healthy, and free of unwanted "guests". We've developed a variety of completely custom tools (misting, lighting, humidification, watering, and more) to ensure our outgoing plants remain consistent in size & quality.

Our Growing Materials:

Best Plants For Reptiles & Amphibians Best Terrarium Plants Best Bioactive Terrarium Plants Best Plants For Live Vivariums Inexpensive Terrarium Plants
Many of our customers will be using our plants in environments which will ultimately house potentially sensitive live animals. With that in mind, we grow plants using the most ecologically-conscious methods to ensure our plants are as safe as possible. Our potting soils are mixed in-house from organic listed ingredients which are also free of manure-based fertilizers. rganic aggregates like perlite, vermiculite, and fir bark are added for healthy aeration & drainage. Nutrients are derived from organically certified products, as well as natural products like forest humus, worm castings, and kelp meal. Relying on such nutrient-light organic soils helps us ensure our plants remain healthy, well-established, and disease free. Unlike many commercial growers, we never use inorganic or systemic pesticides, fungicides, or algaecides in our grow rooms. Instead, we rely on the quarantine procedures mentioned earlier as well as bugzappers, sticky traps, and other organic methods to ensure pests aren't part of the equation.

Our Mother plants & Sources:

Healthy Terrarium Plant Grower Terrarium Plant Specialty Grower Best Terrarium Moss Vivarium Plant Specialty Store Healthy Terrarium Plants
Mother plants are older plants (some 8+ years!) that we divide & propagate new plants from. We keep one or two mother plant pots of each species we grow, and these plants receive especially high levels of care (and scrutiny) by our team. Quality mother plant stock creates quality salable plant stock, so keeping the healthiest possible mother plants is an important part of our process. The overwhelming majority of the plants we ship were grown in-house from these plants, but a handful of larger or slower-growing varieties (Bromeliads, some ferns, etc) are sourced from a handful of trusted growers. For example, some of our ferns in particular are grown by a local family owned nursery and hand-picked by members of the NEHERP team every few weeks. Even then, all incoming plants are quarantined, processed, and repotted before their eventual sale. It should go without saying, but absolutely no plants we sell are ever pulled from inhabited live vivariums.

Our Available Plants

Reptile & Amphibian Safe Begonias Animal Safe Live Plants For Terrariums Safe Live Plants List For Reptiles & Amphibians Best Live Plants For Reptiles & Amphibians Best Live Plants For Frog & Gecko Terrariums
Many of the photos above were taken of immature plants to show a bit of our growing area, but the average plant typically grows for 8-12 weeks before it's listed on the website. Our potted plants are grown to a well established point before being made available for sale, and we've got a reputation for having bigger plants for the price. (Ask around!) To make a long story short, our available plants are big, healthy, organically grown, carefully packed, and accurately labeled. We think all of those points help our plants stand out, and we're confident you'll appreciate the care we put into it all! :-)
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How We Ship Our Plants:

Bare Rooted & Wrapped With ID
All of our plants are shipped bare root (rinsed free of all potting soil), and rinsed thoroughly to ensure full hydration & a clean appearance. Bare rooting a plant before shipping is a legal requirement to some areas, but it also helps minimize your shipping cost & the likelihood of damage since each specimen is significantly lighter. Plus, it makes processing your plants a cinch! Every plant is also individually wrapped & labeled with an ID for reference. If temperatures are especially hot or cold, we'll add non-toxic ice or 40-hour heat packs to the order at absolutely no extra charge. We've got an awesome "healthy arrival" track record using these methods, and we're sure you'll appreciate the effort when it comes time to unwrap your plants!

When We Ship Our Plants:

Plant Order Processing Time: 1-3 Days Plant Order Transit Time: 1-5 Days
We process & ship orders as quickly as we can. While we do our best to ship supply orders the same or next business day, it's not always safe (or possible) for us to do the same with orders containing plants. Plant orders carry a processing time of 1-3 days and are always scheduled to avoid weekend transit delays to help ensure healthy arrival. Please keep this in mind if you are ordering a few days before a weekend, since your order will probably not ship until the following Monday. View our full Order Processing Page for complete info.
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Plant Size Info

Potted Plants:

Best Terrarium Plants For The Price Bare Rooted & Wrapped With ID
Plant nurseries roughly categorize their plants by pot size, and a plant is made available once it has mostly filled out it's container. Generally speaking, a 4in potted plant is roughly twice the size of a 3in pot, and a 3in potted plant is typically twice the size of a 2in pot. Needless to say, we do our best to offer big & healthy plants which were categorized honestly, and are representative of the photos we've got listed on the site. Every potted plant we sell is shipped bare root, and the root ball of the plant is carefully wrapped in paper towels before it's placed back into it's cleaned pot for shipping. From there, it's wrapped in clean brown packing paper and labeled with it's species before shipping.

Live Mats:

Healthy Background Plants For Terrariums How We Ship Live Mat Terrarium Plants
We're proud to offer a brand new way to order plants, and we're loving the results so far. Our Live Mats are grown with plenty of light & the ideal amount of moisture required to form a dense mat. Before shipping, each section is gently separated from it's sealed container, rinsed free of excess potting soil, and carefully placed in a partially inflated airtight bag. Depending on the specific plant, live mats can planted terrestrially or attached to a background to grow epiphytically. These are exceptionally dense portions of plants, so a little can go a long way!

Rooted Portions:

How We Ship Rooted Portions Of Terrarium Plants
Some plants we grow are offered in rooted portions, which are slightly smaller portions than would typically be included in a 3in pot. The length and overall portion size depends on the species being offered, but these do include a portion of the root system for easy planting & fast acclimation. When it comes time to ship, we'll carefully separate the portion from it's mother plant, rinse the roots free of potting soil, and carefully wrap the roots in a ball of moist paper towels. From there, the plant is wrapped in clean brown packing paper and labeled with it's species before shipping.


How We Ship Clippings For Terrarium Plants
Clippings are the smallest size portion of what we offer. Depending on the species, clippings may or may not include small attached roots. Plants we sell as clippings are typically epiphytic in nature, meaning they'll grow without soil on the surface of another plant (or wood decor, backgrounds, etc). The difficulty in planting clippings depends entirely on the species, so don't hesitate to ask before ordering if you are curious. When it comes time to ship, we carefully clean, wrap, and seal our clippings in partially filled bags to ensure the safest transit possible. Like everything else we sell, these are individually labeled with ID.
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