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Your 1-Stop Vivarium Shop! Your 1-Stop Vivarium Shop!

Welcome To New England Herpetoculture

Specializing in bioactive Terrariums & live vivariums since 2009

NEHERP is the bioactive terrarium specialty shop that zoos, museums, nature centers, breeders, and other professionals rely on. Our team is proud to offer the best customer service, the most complete vivarium informational resources, and the best selection of bioactive terrarium supplies online. We're a family owned business that manufactures our own products, grows our own plants, and creates our own living terrarium ecosystems. We take pride in the quality of everything we do, and care deeply for the industry we support. Our goal is to responsibly help people bring a piece of the wilderness indoors, and help make the animals in our care as comfortable as possible. If you are new to NEHERP, you can learn about our company and how we handle orders in just a few clicks. Thanks for visiting!