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Springtail Cultures

Springtails: The #1 Bioactive Terrarium clean up crew

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NEHERP Springtail Cultures

Folsomia candida - The most popular clean up crew for bioactive terrariums

Easter Egg SpringtailSpringtails Close UpSpringtail CultureEaster Egg Springtail
Springtails are a critical part of the detritivore "cleanup crew" of a bioactive terrarium environment. Folsomia candida is the fastest to reproduce, easiest to care for, and most commonly used species in the hobby. One of our ultra high quality freshly started cultures contains enough individuals to seed most larger sized enclosures, or several smaller ones. Because we use our best-selling vivarium substrate as a media for these cultures, it's appropriate & safe to simply dump our Springtail Culture directly into your vivarium to begin establishing a population within. We recommend doing this after adding plants but before adding leaf litter/moss, although it's totally fine to add Springtails at any time. If the enclosure is built to the specifications outlined in Vivarium Construction 101, the Springtail population will populate the habitat and should sustain themselves indefinitely. Each culture is fed with some of our Springtail Food before shipping, to ensure the critters can survive while the enclosure is being built. Recommended for enclosures ranging from 55%-100% relative humidity.
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