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Vivarium Lighting

For Bioactive Terrariums & Live Vivariums

About Our Lighting Hide Info

About Our Lighting Supplies:

Best Lighting For Bioactive 36X18X36 Exo Terra Best Lighting For Bioactive 18X18X18 Terrarium Best Lighting For Large Bioactive Vivarium Best LEDs for Live Vivariums

Why Our Lighting Is Different

We're loyal to statistics & data, and don't carry or recommend products we don't use ourselves. Our lighting lineup was created from brands which are both reliable and a great bang for your buck. If they weren't, we wouldn't carry them. We've been building live vivariums commercially since 2009, and we were the first company to offer comprehensive lighting information & enclosure-specific vivarium lighting kits that actually perform. We've spent every year since we opened improving our lineup, testing new lighting solutions, and listening to customer feedback about every kit we've sold. We're vivarium enthusiasts too, after all!

About Bioactive Terrarium Lighting Best Plant Lights For Bioactive Terrariums Best Plant Lights For Live Vivariums Best Lights For Plants In Terrariums

Helping Make Educated Decisions

We put our experience as terrarium plant growers to work when we wrote Vivarium Lighting 101; the most popular vivarium lighting guide on the Internet. The facts described in that article were applied to each lighting recommendation you'll find on our website. We're proud to encourage education before investment, and hope you'll check out the non-biased information we've got available before making a decision! Lighting is one of those things which can be broken down into hard-data, and we've done our best to ensure we're an open book when it comes to each product we sell. All relevant PAR & Lux data is measured from industry-standard distances, and we don't inflate or obscure our specs to make things more marketable. (If anything, all of our info leans to the conservative side!) Consider the data, compare pricing, and you'll see exactly why our small business has held both the #1 and #2 spots on Google for "Vivarium Lighting" & "Vivarium Lighting Kits" since 2016.

Best Lights For Moss In Bioactive Terrariums Best Lights For Moss In Live Vivariums Best Lights For Ferns In Bioactive Terrariums Best Lights For Planted Terrariums With Geckos

Balancing Aesthetics With Performance

Our lighting doesn't just grow plants well, it looks naturally accurate too. We do our best to balance PAR ratings, lumen statistics, and color temperature to ensure a light source grows plants, appears bright enough, and represents color accurately. If you are curious, you can see plenty of images in our gallery for an idea of how our lighting options look & perform. You can alternatively run a search on Google Images for "Live Vivariums", where 6-of-12 of the most popular images were built using our gear! :-)

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Viv Lighting 101

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Viv Lighting Kits

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Not sure where to start?

We can help! :-)

NEHERP Vivarium Lighting Kit Components

With so many lights to choose from, it can be tough to decide where to start.
We make it easy. Simply select your enclosure's size to view our recommendations.

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