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Heavy Duty Background Kits

Extremely realistic, very durable custom backgrounds

NEHERP Custom Background Kit For Geckos & Snakes Shown: 18x18x24 Heavy Duty Background Kit
Our Heavy Duty Custom Background Kits were designed to help folks create durable and realistic live vivarium & terrarium backgrounds, as described on our Heavy Duty Background DIY article. These are a little easier to assemble than our standard Custom Background Kits, and hold up great even when housing larger Reptiles like Geckos, Lizards, and Snakes. Although these were originally designed for larger inhabitants, our "heavy duty" kits work great with smaller species & plant-only terrariums too! Select an enclosure size below to get started.
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NEHERP Modular Cork Planter
Large Modular Cork Planter
Basic, Easy Custom Background
18x18x18 Heavy Duty Background
Extra Cork & Driftwood Shown
Modular Cork Planter
Modular Cork Planter Growing In
Simple Custom Background
18x18x18 Heavy Duty Background
Extra Cork & Driftwood Shown
Awesome Gecko Background
Customized Heavy Duty Background
Two 18x18x24 Background Kits Combined + Ghostwood!
Growing Plants On Gecko Custom Background
Heavy Duty Background Growing In
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8-12in Wide Terrariums

Build 12x12x12 Vivarium Build 12x12x18 Vivarium

18in Wide Terrariums

Build 18x18x12 Vivarium Build 18x18x18 Vivarium Build 18x18x24 Vivarium

24in Wide Terrariums

Build 24x18x18 Vivarium
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Building HD Backgrounds On Larger Enclosures

Overcoming the limited selection HD Background Kit Sizes
Large Gecko Custom Background
Building backgrounds of this style on larger enclosures can be tricky, since the largest cork tile background is only 18in X 24in. Since larger animal-safe tiles aren't yet available in the hobby, we're forced to limit our HD background kit sizes considerably. If you'd like to build a HD background kit for a larger type of enclosure, multiple cork tiles will be necessary to get the job done. It's a little tougher to make look nice than building a standard HD background, but it's totally doable with a little extra time & effort.
In the example shown, we used two Heavy Duty Custom Background kits from an 18x18x24 terrarium to create a single background for a single (2X larger) 36x18x24 enclosure. The instructions are pretty much the same as a usual HD Background kit, with one small added step. After the background tiles are attached to the enclosure, there's a small but visible gap between the cork tiles. To ensure that gap is hidden, silicone & background texture mix (included in the kit) can be used to attach a natural cork flat to bridge the gap. With the flat installed, the two tiles appear more like a single piece, creating a more realistic finished product.
There are a few different ways to combine HD Background Kits to cater to different enclosure sizes. (Another popular 2-tile setup would be two 18x18x18 kits stacked to fill either a 36x18x18 or an 18x18x36 terrarium) If you are comfortable using a saw to cut-down a cork tile, even more options present themselves. It's a little more difficult to make a 2-tile background look great, but the results can be surprisingly realistic considering the low level of difficulty.
Large Gecko Custom Background Large Gecko Custom Background Large Gecko Custom Background
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Note: All dimensions are posted in Width X Depth X Height

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