Vertical Conversion Kits

Transform a standard aquarium into a front-opening terrarium!

Vertical Conversion Kits
This Vertical Conversion Kit allows any enthusiast to transform a standard aquarium into a vertically oriented, front opening terrarium! With food grade (T304) stainless steel hardware, 3/16in sanded-edge glass, aluminum screen framing, & heavy duty fly proof screen mesh, you can rest assured our NEHERP Vertical Conversion Kits are built to last. This kit includes all the necessary parts (minus ASI Silicone & a razor), and is an easy DIY project for any adult enthusiast. Each kit installs with about 10-15 minutes of tinkering, plus 24-48 hours of curing time. Automated Mist King & Monsoon misting systems systems can be installed through the screen, through the aluminum frame, or by drilling the glass top of the aquarium. Detailed instructions with photos are included with every kit sold.
We strongly recommend using our high-tensile strength ASI Aquarium Silicone for this installation. (A single tube will cover at least 3 conversions) Our kit is designed to fit Aqueon & All Glass enclosures only.
We fully support all sizes of our vertical conversion kits!
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Sold Out
Our contractor for the screen portions of the kits is no longer in business, so we're in the process of setting up an area at NEHERP to ensure we can keep these in stock moving forward. We're marking these as sold out indefinitely, until we have plenty in stock once again. Our sincere apologies for any disappointment!