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Server Maintenance Complete!

If you are seeing this, it worked! :-)

The site has been moved over to the new dedicated server, and our website should now load faster for you! We hope there won't be any errors, but please contact us if you notice anything amiss with the website. Thanks again for your patience during the brief downtime, and we hope you have a great 4'th Of July!

06/30/19: Scheduled Server Maintenance

Faster loading times: Coming soon!

Between 7/3 & 7/7, our site will be moving to it's own dedicated server which should provide significantly faster response & loading times, as well as a few other small perks. In the best-case scenario, the NEHERP website (and email address) will be unavailable for about a half-day at some point in the process. We recommend calling us at (203)768-3414 if you'd like to reach us for any reason. Our shop will be open & operating as usual during the update, and our secure checkout system isn't changing at all during the process. We're accepting orders as usual before & after the update! :-) Thanks for your patience!

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