Update Concerning COVID-19

We're closely monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus

Update Posted By Mike S. 03/22/20
As the scope of this national crisis worsens, we've instructed the majority of our team to stay home. Mike & Jess (the owners of NEHERP) will try to continue to provide service for a select number of essential items to ensure no animals go hungry or suffer during this tough time. We will pack & ship as quickly as we can, but please expect order and communication delays. We'll be working as fast as we can for everyone who depends on us.
Update Posted By Mike S. 03/20/20
Our state government has announced the closure of non-essential businesses effective Monday 3/23 at 8PM. We are a specialty pet supply store and food manufacturer, and are an essential business. We carry & manufacturer food items found nowhere else in our state or region, which are necessary to keep pets alive & healthy, and we expect to support our customers (and their animals) moving forward. We are planning to stay open under a drastically limited scope while we continue to follow extremely strict social isolation procedures both inside & outside of the workplace. As noted in our previous update (below), our company is running with a very small number of staff members at this time. With that in mind, please expect longer processing times for all orders.
Thanks again for your business & support. We appreciate it!
Update Posted By Mike S. 03/17/20
The health & safety of our team & customers is always our top priority, and we're closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19. Schools in CT have closed, so employees with kids are staying home for now. Other employees who are able to are working from home. All employees who continue to work at our shop have mutually agreed to socially isolate outside of the job for everyone's safety. Please expect a longer order processing time while we depend on a smaller workforce at this time. We'll continue to pack & ship as quickly as we can, and will do everything in our power to remain consistent during this tough time.
On a related note, we expect inventory sourced from overseas to dwindle until situations improve. Many items produced overseas have already sold out, and many others are starting to run low. Many manufacturers remain closed, so we're unable to restock. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but the situation is out of our hands. Thankfully all of our staple item categories are primarily sourced in the USA. We don't expect any interruptions on those types of products.
Our hearts go out to all of our friends & suppliers struggling through this. ♥ Stay healthy everyone!