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Ongoing Updates Concerning COVID-19

Update Posted By Mike S. 7/2/20
After a brutal few months, we're pretty much caught up, products are flowing back into inventory, and things are leveling out nicely. The covid situation is constantly changing, and we're keeping a close eye on it. I hope that this update can be the last one for awhile, but we'll remain diligent and update it again if necessary. Needless to say, our Covid safety precautions (mentioned awhile back) remain firmly in effect until a vaccine is developed & distributed. I hope this update page has helped you stay in the loop with what's going on over here, and I truly appreciate your business & support!
Thank you,
Mike S.
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Update Posted By Mike S. 6/24/20
We're back to our normal shipping schedule, with most supply orders shipping in 2-5 business days, and plant orders processing in roughly 3-7 days. Thankfully much our inventory is finally coming back online. Lighting supplies, Lighting Kits, Cork, Ghostwood, Background Kits, and a bunch of plants are restocked & good to go. Finally! Thank you very much for being patient during this ridiculously difficult time.
Terrarium Plant Specialty Store Terrarium Plant Grower Terrarium & Rare Plant Specialist Terrarium & Rare Plant Specialist Terrarium & Rare Plant Specialist Bioactive Terrarium Plant Store Vivarium Plant Store
As you probably know, we grow the majority of the plants we sell in-house. We don't rely on mainstream distributors, so "restocking" plants isn't as easy as it could be. In April, we packed & shipped about 600% more plants than usual, which is why our availability took such a big hit. I want to take a minute to thank Boris, Jessica C, and Cheryl for going above & beyond over the past 60 days. Thanks to them, we've got thousands of extra plants growing out now which should be ready shortly. Please check back soon for even better plant availability.
Thanks as always,
Mike S.
Update Posted By Mike S. 6/8/20
Relative "normal" is slowly returning! We expect to have Cork, Ghostwood, and most of our basic lighting supplies stocked & ready to ship around 6/15-6/20. Some less popular supply categories are still difficult to restock, and we'll be leaving them disabled for now. The goal for this month is to get all of the basics for our focus (Bioactive Terrariums) back to normal. We're still 3-7 business days behind schedule, but that delay shrinks every week.
We'd like to welcome Jessica and Cheryl to the team! (That makes a total of three "Mikes" and two "Jessicas" in our shop, for those counting!) We're grateful to these two fantastic folks for joining up during the Covid crisis. With their help, we've been able to catch up with a nearly 200% increase in business to certain supply categories over the past two months. ♥ ♥ ♥
Thanks for choosing NEHERP!
Mike S.
Update Posted By Mike S. 5/25/20
This longer update was written to address the top three email topics related to ongoing events.
First, a quick safety update! Our team is dedicated to staying healthy & being responsible during this crisis. Everyone at the shop is wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and sterilizing surfaces between uses. All high-touch areas are being sterilized multiple times daily, and team members are being separated by department whenever possible to minimize contact. Everyone at the shop has also voluntarily agreed to socially distance as much as possible outside of work. In summary, we're doing everything in our power to stay healthy and ship products safely. We appreciate your trust during this difficult time!
Second, a quick update about our logistics situation. We're still about 6-10 business days behind our usual schedule, but I'm happy to say we've hired two new team members to help us catch up ASAP. With any luck, we'll get the processing times back to normal within the next week or two. In the meantime, please don't order if the delay is unacceptable for your particular schedule. We aren't able to honor "rush" requests at this time.
Lastly, many of our hard supplies are currently sold out due to incredible demand, and we're waiting on our suppliers to restock us. Unfortunately many businesses are delayed due to the Covid crisis, so much our inventory will be weak over the next 7-10 days. We apologize for so many items selling out, and we're doing our best to get things back in stock. Cork and some lighting products should be restocked during the first week of June.
Thanks for your patience & understanding,
Mike S.
Update Posted By Mike S. 05/18/20
After one of our busiest weeks ever, we're unfortunately running behind schedule a little more than we expected. Considering the circumstances, we're thankful but overwhelmed for the support we've received recently. With that in mind, please allow 6-10 extra days for us to ship your order. We understand that's a pretty long wait and we apologize for the inconvenience, but we're doing what we can with everything considered. Everyone who is willing to come back to work has been restaffed as of today, and we hope to catch up within the next week or two.
We're hiring! If you or someone you know is local to Connecticut and is looking for a job, please email us for info.
Thanks again & stay safe,
Mike S.
Update Posted By Mike S. 05/11/20
We're still operating with a very limited staff, but CT's lockdown is set to end around May 20'th. With that just around the corner, we've begun asking the remainder of our team to come back in stages. We hope our shipping schedules will return to normal speed shortly thereafter. As of today (5/11), we're about 3-5 business days behind our usual shipping schedule. Please allow for additional shipping/processing time if you order. We're going as quickly as we can, but it seems like a lot of people are building terrariums during lockdown!
As for supplies & availability, we've totally revamped our Background Kits, Terrarium Plant Packs, and Heavy Duty Plant Packs with new options based on customer suggestions. We hope you love the changes! Ghostwood, Bromeliads, and Tillandsias should be restocked within the next three weeks. (Possibly sooner) The rest of our supply chain is slowly coming back to life too, and we hope to have our next general stock update live by June 1'st. We appreciate your patience during this time, and hope we can get things back to relative normal sooner than later.
Thanks again & stay safe,
Mike S.
Update Posted By Mike S. 05/04/20
Things are slowly returning to our inventory as our suppliers slowly reopen & return to normal. We've updated the store with new availability, and all items with an active Add To Cart button should be available to ship. Please keep in mind that we're still working with a very tiny staff while our state remains on lockdown until at least May 20. Orders are only running 1-3 days behind typical schedule at this time.
Plant Kits have been updated & improved with more control over what's included. Custom background kits have been restocked & improved too! Cork, Fruit Fly Cultures, Isopod Cultures, and more have finally been restocked and are now shipping. We're looking forward to restocking the rest of the store as soon as our suppliers return to normal.
Thanks for your business,
Mike S.
Update Posted By Mike S. 04/02/20
There have been no major changes, outside of what was mentioned in the previous updates posted below. We're still shipping, and are actually within 1-2 business days of being "on schedule".
The purpose of today's update is to say thank you. Many people have contacted us out of concern, or placed orders with "absolutely no rush" in an effort to help ensure we can keep the lights on during this tough time. It means the world to Jess and I. These next few weeks (months?) will definitely be a struggle for us, and we can't illustrate how much we appreciate the concern & kindness being sent our way. It's a great reminder of why we've chosen to do this for so long now.
While I've been doing this on a smaller scale prior to registering as an official business, our company officially turned 10 years old recently. We had a massive 10 year anniversary sale planned, but like so many other special occasions, it's had to be put on hold. Once this horrible virus situation is behind us, we hope to properly celebrate over 10 years in business. I can't believe I've been doing this professionally for over 10 years now, and I can't thank you all enough.
Stay safe & thanks again,
Mike S.
Update Posted By Mike S. 03/22/20
As the scope of this national crisis worsens, we've instructed the majority of our team to stay home. Mike & Jess (the owners of NEHERP) will try to continue to provide service for a select number of essential items to ensure no animals go hungry or suffer during this tough time. We will pack & ship as quickly as we can, but please expect order and communication delays. We'll be working as fast as we can for everyone who depends on us.
Update Posted By Mike S. 03/20/20
Our state government has announced the closure of non-essential businesses effective Monday 3/23 at 8PM. We are a specialty pet supply store and food manufacturer, and are an essential business. We carry & manufacturer food items found nowhere else in our state or region, which are necessary to keep pets alive & healthy, and we expect to support our customers (and their animals) moving forward. We are planning to stay open under a drastically limited scope while we continue to follow extremely strict social isolation procedures both inside & outside of the workplace. As noted in our previous update (below), our company is running with a very small number of staff members at this time. With that in mind, please expect longer processing times for all orders.
Thanks again for your business & support. We appreciate it!
Update Posted By Mike S. 03/17/20
The health & safety of our team & customers is always our top priority, and we're closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19. Schools in CT have closed, so employees with kids are staying home for now. Other employees who are able to are working from home. All employees who continue to work at our shop have mutually agreed to socially isolate outside of the job for everyone's safety. Please expect a longer order processing time while we depend on a smaller workforce at this time. We'll continue to pack & ship as quickly as we can, and will do everything in our power to remain consistent during this tough time.
On a related note, we expect inventory sourced from overseas to dwindle until situations improve. Many items produced overseas have already sold out, and many others are starting to run low. Many manufacturers remain closed, so we're unable to restock. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but the situation is out of our hands. Thankfully all of our staple item categories are primarily sourced in the USA. We don't expect any interruptions on those types of products.
Our hearts go out to all of our friends & suppliers struggling through this. ♥ Stay healthy everyone!