Tadpole Care

Everything necessary to help tadpoles morph into healthy froglets!


Film Canisters (Black + Clear)

Commonly used as egg deposition sites for tropical frogs

Azuresus Film Canister
Film canisters are commonly used as egg deposition sites when breeding dart frogs, but they also have countless other uses. All of our film canisters are brand new, and are available with or without closing tops.
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Film Canisters w/Suction Cups

Glass-mounted egg deposition sites for tropical frogs

Sucution Cupped Film Canister Dart Frogs
Film canisters mounted to suction cups that stick to the glass sides of a vivarium. Ideal for dart frog breeding! Available in both Black & Clear. Suction cup size may vary. Lids not included. More tadpole care stuff is located in tadpole care.

Floral Water Picks + Tubes

An alternative egg deposition site for smaller dart frogs

Floral Water Picks & Tubes
A new egg deposition concept for those breeding smaller "thumbnail" dart frogs. Tubes can be mounted in custom backgrounds, or affixed to suction cups mounted on glass. Water picks have pointed ends to be stuck into backgrounds, cork, or anything else that'll support them. Shown left to right above: #57 Pick - 3/4in X 5in | #51 Pick - 3/4in X 2 3/4in | #54 Tube - 3/4in X 3 1/4in | #53 Tube - 1in X 3 3/4in
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HBH Frog & Tadpole Bites

One of the most widely used aquatic frog & tadpole foods on the market

HBH Frog & Tadpole Bites
Frog & Tadpole Bites were the first and only pelleted frog diet available on the market. Frog & Tadpole Bites is a highly attractive, soft and moist morsel for aquatic frogs or developing tadpoles. The soft, sinking nature of this food is designed to be gentle on a frog's delicate digestive system while providing all the essential nutrients for health and growth.
$2.99/ea 1.2oz Jar

Indian Almond Leaves

These release beneficial tannins into water when submerged

Indian Almond Leaves
High quality 8-10" Indian Almond Leaves perfect for tadpole containers. All quantities are now sold in air-tight sealed bags to ensure leaves arrive both fresh & undamaged from shipping. Simply break off a small piece (we use about the size of a business card) and add it to a 16oz tadpole container where it will break down, releasing beneficial tannins into the water & simulating a "blackwater" condition. These are also commonly used to make batches of tadpole tea.
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Methylene Blue

Disease preventative for fresh & saltwater

Methylene Blue
Manufacturer Description:
Methylene Blue is effective against superficial fungal infections of fishes. The drug may be used as an alternative to Malachite Green for the control of fungus when it is known that the fish to be treated are sensitive. Methylene Blue is safe for use with fish eggs and fry for the prevention of fungal infections. As a secondary use, it is effective against some external protozoans, such as Ichthyophthirius (Ich), Chilodonella and Costia. Treats fungal infections.
NEHERP Description:
The most commonly used anti-fungal/anti-disease liquid for raising certain species of frog tadpoles. Suggested dilution in the hobby is about 2 drops per gallon of solution. Once the solution is prepared, we personally add just a splash (around a soda cap full) to each tadpole rearing container as an added precaution against possible infections. Please note: This is a super-concentrated product, and two drops of concentrate are used to make a gallon of solution. Since most tadpole-related scenarios only require a cap-full at a time of the diluted solution, a bottle of this stuff can last even larger breeders years. Always do your research for information on how to use this type of product.
$3.99/ea 4oz Bottle

Petri Dishes

Sterile petri dishes often used when breeding certain amphibian species

Petri Dish
Although these have many uses in a herp enthusiast's supply collection, they are most commonly used in amphibian husbandry when collection or storage of eggs is necessary. Learn more about how frog breeders use these on our Tinctorius Dart Frog care page! Dimensions: 105MM X 15MM (Roughly 4" X 5/8")
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Repashy Soilent Green (Tadpole Food)

A Complete Diet For Tadpoles & Other Aufwuchs (Algae and Small Living Organism Eating Species of Fish, Invertebrates, Amphibians and Reptiles)

Repashy Soilent Green
An extremely high quality diet for Tadpoles and other species that consume algae & small living organisms. It's packed full of high quality ingredients including Spirulina Algae, Chlorella Algae, Schizochytrium Algae, Dried Kelp, Krill Meal, Squid Meal, Seaweed Meal, and much more. Vitamins: (Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D Supplement, Choline Chloride, Calcium L-Ascorbyl-2-Monophosphate, Vitamin E Supplement, Niacin, Beta Carotene, Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex, Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin B-12 Supplement). Refrigeration will extend product life.
We're carrying this after numerous clients recommended it to us for dart frog tadpoles. We've begun using it @ NEHERP, and it's quickly becoming a company favorite! This is the highest quality tadpole food we offer.
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Spirulina Powder

A high quality organic Spirulina Algae Powder

An excellent food source for many aquatic species, as well as many different types of developing dart frog tadpoles. We use roughly half-a-pinch of powder per 16oz dart frog tadpole cup, adding more when necessary. This plus an almond leaf, tadpole bites, and some moss will yield healthy froglets! Sold in 1.5oz resealable containers.
$2.50/ea 1.5oz

Tadpole Moss

Our ready to use tadpole moss meant to be added in each tadpole development container

Zoo Med Tad Moss
Specifically processed for tadpole rearing containers, and rinsed heavily to ensure it won't cloud water. We've found it to be an exceptional moss to be used in tad rearing. Each zipper-closed moss bag can be sorted into 20+ tad containers. Click here for an idea of how much we use in each 16oz tadpole container. That picture shows a fairly conservative amount - a little more won't hurt. Store moist in a cool place.
$5.99/ea Bag

Kent Blackwater Extract Expert

Added to tadpole development water to replicate jungle water conditions

Kent Blackwater
Kent Blackwater Extract contains natural humic and tannic acids that simulate water conditions found in the Amazon region of South America, Southeast Asia and Western Africa. An excellent product for those looking for an easy-to-create blackwater condition for tadpoles. This brand has better customer reviews than the previous brand carried by NEHERP, and we're glad to carry it!
Directions: Shake well before use. Add 5ml 1tsp per 10 gallons of water. Mixing small 1-gallon batches may be worth using a measuring syringe to get an accurate measurement, at 1/2ml per gallon. This concentrated 8oz bottle can create over 450 gallons of blackwater solution!
$5.99/ea 8oz Bottle

Tetra Freeze Dried Bloodworms

A great supplemental food item for tadpoles aquatic species

Tetra Bloodworms
Manufacturer Description:
Perfect for bringing out the best energy and condition in your Bettas and fancy guppies. Also great as a reward for small and medium-sized tropical and marine fish. Freeze dried.
NEHERP Description:
A handful of different amphibian species eat bloodworms (namely aquatic species), but another common use is as a supplemental food item for tadpoles of many species. All natural freeze dried bloodworms are a fair source of protein. We raise tads individually, and offer one worm weekly to larger tadpoles. Careful offering too many at once, as doing so can cloud/foul the water.
$3.99/ea .28oz Jar

Zoo Med Aquatic Frog & Tadpole Bites

High protein sinking micro pellets for many types of Aquatic Frogs and Tadpoles

Zoo Med Aquatic Frog & Tadpole Bites
Micro pellet for for all types of aquatic frogs and tadpoles. An excellent food source for developing tadpoles.
$2.49/ea 2.0oz Jar