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Drainage Layer Substrates

Top quality drainage substrates for bioactive vivariums

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Bioactive Substrate Layers

About Bioactive Terrarium Drainage Layers

(An excerpt from Vivarium Construction 101)

The drainage layer catches any water that flows through the substrate, keeps the substrate layer from becoming saturated, helps to sustain a healthy microfauna population, and keeps humidity stable within the enclosure. This allows for the healthy, "airy" substrate layer necessary for long-term vivarium success. This layer should ideally have a depth of 2.5-3 inches, but this can vary slightly relative to the size of the enclosure used. Rinse whichever media you choose thoroughly to remove dust before using it, and don't add water to your drainage layer until the vivarium is completed. Pouring water over the plants, through the substrate layer will ensure the drainage media below won't shift, and it'll add beneficial tannins from the leaf litter & soil to the drainage layer below. Water should rise about 1/4-1/2 way up the drainage layer, and should never be allowed to raise into contact with the substrate layer. Also, try not to let it dry out completely, since that will negatively impact the relative humidity within the enclosure.

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Definition of Width X Depth X Height Vivarium

Vivarium Substrate Calculator

Instantly figure out how much substrate you'll need!
Use our substrate calculator to instantly determine exactly how much substrate you'll need to build a vivarium in any rectangular enclosure. The minimum suggested amount of substrate & drainage media is 2.5" (each), but we've also included a spot to add your own custom height, if you'd like to calculate a different substrate depth. Enter your dimensions, and the results will display instantly.
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Oops... Our substrate calculator is available for larger devices only!
We've got a downloadable substrate depth chart which might help in the meantime. Tap to view!

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NEHERP LDL Substrate
NEHERP Screen Separator
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NEHERP LDL: Lightweight Drainage Layer Substrate

Our lightest and least expensive drainage layer media

NEHERP LDL Bag Substrate NEHERP LDL Bag Substrate
On Sale Now!
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A New England Herpetoculture Product:
The original is back & better than ever! Our updated lightweight drainage layer media features a neutral pH, light weight, and more natural appearance. This product is made from completely natural fired clay, and is guaranteed to hold-up long term. At only around 2.4lbs per gallon, the manufacturer we work with offers an especially light product which offers about a 50% weight savings over other brand-name drainage layer medias. (Up to 15% lighter than a competing brand of clay aggregate!) This product has plenty of surface area for beneficial bacteria & microbes, a perfect amount of capillary action for plant growth, and an especially low weight to keep your terrarium as light as possible. This product ships at our standard low rates!
$7.49/ea Gallon
★ Compare & Save ★
NEHERP LDL Is Only: $1.97/Liter | $1.90/Quart
Only $6.49/Gallon in our Substrate Base Kits!
* Weights/Volumes May Vary +/-5%
Only $6.49/gallon in our Substrate Base Kits!
On sale for $5.99/gallon in our Substrate Base Kits!
On Sale Now!
15% Off!
$6.36/ea Gallon

Sold Out

NEHERP Screen Separator

The perfect screen separator for use between substrate & drainage layers

NEHERP Screen Separator
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The same ideal-size screen separator mesh we include in all of our Bioactive Substrate Base Kits! Ours are carefully cut, and are guaranteed to fit the dimensions selected below. Our screen separators prevent substrate from passing through, but allows water to flow freely from substrate layer down to the drainage layer, without any of the water pooling issues sometimes experienced with weedblock or fabric style material. If you'd like a custom, large, or uncommon size, please select the "custom" option on the right side, and simply select the corresponding square inch size. These are shipped rolled, so it's easier to lay out & use immediately compared to folded liners. We often give a little extra just to be sure clients have enough, as they are very easily cut with scissors if necessary.
Select Your Enclosure Type:
Select Your Enclosure Type:
Prices Range $2.99-$3.99
Select Your Enclosure Type:
Prices Range $2.99-$18.49
Select Your Enclosure Type:
Prices Range $1.99-$7.99
Select Your Enclosure Type:
Prices Range $2.99-$24.99
Sold Out!

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