Shipping Supplies

Everything needed to ship plants, microfauna, and small live Reptiles & Amphibians


Shipping Boxes & Kits

Insulated boxes available with or without heat/cold packs

Shipping Kits
We've used high quality 7"x7"x6" insulated shipping boxes since 2009. These boxes utilize 1/2" insulative styrofoam panels, and fit soft Phase 22 packs or 40 hour heat packs. Each box tightly fits either 1qty 16oz, 2qty 8oz, or 8qty 2oz Deli Cups.
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Boxes & Shipping Kits
Phase 22 Packs
Non-Toxic Ice Packs
Uniheat 40hr Heat Packs

Phase 22 Panels & Packs

The best heating/cooling method for shipping live animals

Phase 22 Panel Phase 22 Pack
The new industry standard for shipping live animals. These are the best way to ship perishable products hands down. Phase 22 panels are designed to hold temperature around 72F (or "22" Celcius) over extended periods of time while the phase change material is activated. To activate Phase 22 Products for hot weather, we refrigerate it overnight before adding it to the shipping container. To activate Phase 22 products for cold weather, we submerge in hot water for 30 minutes or so before placing it in the shipping container. These are reusable, so they are a great value. Unlike ice packs, these change from soild to liquid at around 72F!
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Non-Toxic Ice Packs

Inexpensive ice packs for perishable shipments

Ice Pack
These packs are what we use during summer months to ship plants & microfauna to our customers. Manufactured at NEHERP using 100% non-toxic ingredients, and ink-free! Appropriate for shipping plants, microfauna, and feeder insects, but please use Phase 22 (above) for live animals. Each pack is approximately 5in X 5in (+/- 1/2in). We made over 4,500 of these packs in the past year, and have had nothing but good results & feedback.
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Uniheat 40 Hour Heat Packs

The same great heat packs we use in cold weather at NEHERP!

40 Hour Heat Pack
Specially designed heat packs that are perfect for shipping live animals & other perishables. These packs activate 40-50 minutes after opening, and steadily warm up to reach peak temperature in 15-18 hours. We've been using these heat packs for 4 years running at NEHERP to ship plant orders to our customers during winter, and they are our favorite pack for the money!
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