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Your 1-Stop Vivarium Shop! Your 1-Stop Vivarium Shop!

Custom Vivarium Design Form

This form will help facilitate a typical client's goals of describing what they are interested in for their custom vivarium build. With the below form filled out, we'll be in contact with either a couple follow-up questions or a detailed quote. (Depending on the complexity of the design request)

Ethics-Related Limitations

• Unless you are a zoo, museum, or other experienced institution, we won't advocate building a vivarium which mixes species.
• No unlicensed venomous animals. No illegally imported species. Nothing illegal, please.
• Unless the species being housed will benefit from one, we don't recommend adding a water feature. (Feel free to inquire about it, though!)
• We reserve the right to refuse service, in the event that an animal's wellbeing is in question.
• New England Herpetoculture is against the unnecessary wild-caught trade of Reptiles & Amphibians. We strongly urge all clients to choose captive-bred animals, and will be glad to assist in their acquisition whenever possible.
Vivarium Built For Harvard Museum of Natural History
One of the live vivariums we've built for the Harvard Museum of Natural History shortly after completion.
Vivarium Lighting & Ventilation Built For Harvard Museum of Natural History
A custom aluminum & glass top for an Exo Terra 36x18x36 enclosure, featuring suspended lighting & 5-way adjustable forced ventilation. This sliding top was built to be concealed by a surrounding cabinet.
Wall Mounted Vivarium
A wall-mounted 20G vertically converted vivarium. Custom vents were added behind the wall, along with an integrated Mist King system and automated drainage.
Simple Custom Vivariums
A couple vivariums built for Dendrobates dart frogs.
We Build Crested Gecko Vivariums
An enclosure for Correlophus ciliatus (Crested Gecko)
Acclimated vs. not Acclimated Animation Vivarium
A quick visual animation the difference between how freshly planted & acclimated enclosures appear.

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