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Exclusive Sales & Pricing
Gain access to the insider-only section of our website, which contains a few exclusive deals. Insider specials aren't found anywhere else online, and are in addition to any public sale we've got going on.
NEHERP Instant Rewards
For every order over $50, Insiders can choose from a menu of available reward items for just $0.01. (We'd make it free, but our cart software requires us to charge at least a penny!) The available rewards automatically change every day, so there's always something fun & exciting to choose from. The freebies ship out on schedule with every order, so there's no waiting for points to accumulate. Every additional $50 spent qualifies for more valuable rewards to choose from.
The NEHERP Insider Newsletter
Our newsletter includes all sorts of good stuff, and it's sent fairly infrequently. (Usually once every couple months) The newsletter includes shop updates, vivarium build photos, sneak peaks at upcoming products, and generally cool herp related stuff. Occasionally, we have contests, raffles, and other games which almost always involve prizes.
What To Expect.
After signing up, you'll receive an insider sign up confirmation within 3 business days. (It isn't an automated setup, so it takes a little time!) Once your account has been confirmed, you can login & access the insider pages. As new newsletters are released, you'll automatically receive them on schedule from that point forward. Our newsletter is written by us, and sent directly from us with no email marketer or service in-between.


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