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NEHERP - New England Herpetoculture Brand NEHERP - New England Herpetoculture Brand NEHERP - New England Herpetoculture Brand NEHERP - New England Herpetoculture Brand NEHERP - New England Herpetoculture Brand NEHERP - New England Herpetoculture Brand NEHERP - New England Herpetoculture Brand NEHERP - New England Herpetoculture Brand NEHERP - New England Herpetoculture Brand
We've been developing & delivering high quality supplies for the vivarium hobby since 2009, with a deep appreciation of the live flora & fauna we work with. In addition to what's already available (listed below), we're also "incubating" several upcoming products & projects we hope to release soon. Our team & family truly appreciate your support as we continue to grow & work towards creating new & exciting high quality vivarium gear. If you'd like a sneak peek of what may be coming next, please check out our newsletter.

Custom Background Texture Mix

Specifically formulated to add a dark, detailed texture to custom terrarium backgrounds

NEHERP Custom Background Mix
Developed as a better looking, better performing alternative to using other textured coatings when building custom backgrounds. The product is a carefully mixed blend of Canadian organic peat moss, shredded coconut husks, and coconut fiber. The peat moss helps make the mixture darker, while shredded coconut husks add a more detailed texture than coconut fiber can provide alone. Most epiphytic vines & trailing plants will be able to climb up & grow on a custom background with ease.
Price Range: $5.29-$29.99
Category: DIY Custom BG Supplies & Vivarium Kits

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Fruit Fly Cultures

Some of the highest quality fruit fly cultures online!

NEHERP Fruit Fly Cultures
An assortment of healthy, productive feeder fly cultures in 32oz containers, at some of the lowest prices online. Cultures for each of the four available species are created using our best-selling & well proven NEHERP Fly Media to ensure excellent, lasting results. As of 2015, all of our cultures are kept in a climate-controlled, sealed room, on special trays to help ensure our cultures retain their top-notch & "mite free" reputation. In order of smallest to largest, we work with D. melanogaster 'Wingless', D. melanogaster 'Turkish Glider', D. hydei, and D. hydei 'Golden'. Each species has pros & cons, so please check out our Care Sheet if you'd like to learn more.
Price Range: $3.99-$7.99
Related Care Page: Fruit Fly Culture Care
Category: Live Feeders

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Fruit Fly Media

Our best selling, great performing feeder fly media

NEHERP Fruit Fly Media
Carefully developed & constantly tweaked over the course of 5+ years, our premium NEHERP Melanogaster "no mix" fly media is precisely formulated to maximize the lifespan & production of feeder flies for small Reptiles & Amphibians. Our media produces extremely quickly, smells great, and continues to produce for a long period of time. It is extremely absorbent and requires no mixing, so cultures can be built extremely quickly without a mess. Each bag sold includes complete instructions on how to build your own cultures. In our most recent testing of our V.4 media against 3 other brands, ours proved to be the best media in terms of longevity & production for D. melanogaster flies. (It works well with D. hydei, too.) You won't be disappointed!
As of this writing (late 2015), a V.5 prototype media is being tested, and will be designed with D. hydei in mind.
Price Range: $6.99-$99.99+
Instructions: Fruit Fly Media Instructions
Category: Bug Breeding Supplies

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Fruit Fly Breeding Kits

Complete, discounted kits for reliably breeding your own feeder fruit flies

NEHERP Fruit Fly Breeding Kits
Our highest quality, best selling fly culture kits sold with or without live fly cultures to help make things as inexpensive & easy as possible. With kits ranging from 10 cultures up to 100, we aim to cater to every level of hobbyist, breeder, and even commercial/zoo institutions. Using our culture kits, each fly culture can cost as little as $1.24 to build, making our solution one of the least expensive ways to feed your pets.
Fruit Fly Production Chart
(Click production chart to enlarge)
Price Range: $6.99-$99.99+
Instructions: Fruit Fly Media Instructions
Category: Bug Breeding Supplies

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Jungle Dawn LEDs

The original, best selling, and most proven vivarium-specific mixed-spectrum LED bulb!

NEHERP Jungle Dawn LEDs NEHERP Jungle Dawn LEDs NEHERP Jungle Dawn LEDs NEHERP Jungle Dawn LEDs NEHERP Jungle Dawn LEDs
The original vivarium LED bulb has been improved even further over the years, and now features a 300-degree swiveling base, vented fixture body, and even brighter LED diodes! Jungle Dawn screw-in vivarium LED bulbs display colors accurately & grow plants with ease. The super-bright, mixed-color temperature LEDs provide an excellent lumen-per-watt ratio to brightly & accurately illuminate any vivarium. Jungle Dawn LEDs produce less heat than CFLs, while using less than half the electricity. All Jungle Dawn bulbs have a 300-degree swiveling base, to ensure the user can safely adjust the light straight down into the enclosure. All Jungle Dawn LEDs carry a 1-year NEHERP backed warranty.
For the best pricing on our Jungle Dawn LEDs, check out our Vivarium Lighting Kits!
Price Range: $25.99-$51.99 (Even cheaper in kits!)
Located In: Jungle Dawn & Vivarium Lighting Kits

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Live Terrarium Moss

The 1st product we offered at NEHERP back in 2009!

Vivarium Moss Low Growing Vivarium Moss Terrarium Moss
Vivarium Moss Low Growing Vivarium Moss
By far one of our best sellers. Our live moss is 100% all natural, pesticide & dye free. It'll grow upward and outward in well lit vivariums with high humidity. Our moss is sold pre-processed in resealable bags, and is safe for immediate use in vivariums. Can be mounted epiphytically or terrestrially, depending on the goals for your application. This species is perfectly suited to vivarium conditions. Since 2009, we're the only terrarium plant supplier that pre-processes moss for you! Our moss thrives on either NEHERP or ABG substrate, and can tolerate a wide variety of lighting conditions ranging from partial shade to full sun. Please note that the moss pictured above had about 2-3 months to acclimate, and will require time to grow & become that lush. Please check out our moss caresheet for advice on how to grow it successfully.
Price Range: $4.99-$15.99
Plant Care: Live Moss Care
Located In: Live Moss

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Live Moss Slurry

A live moss mix slurry made from NEHERP’s custom blend of different species

NEHERP Live Moss Slurry Packaging NEHERP Live Moss Slurry Growing On Cork Bark NEHERP Live Moss Slurry Growing Epiphytically NEHERP Live Moss Slurry Growing On Ghostwood
NEHERP Live Moss Slurry Packaging NEHERP Live Moss Slurry Growing On Ghostwood
Our NEHERP Live Moss Slurry is a concentrated blend of different moss & plant species that can be used to initiate moss growth on different terrarium decor. Our mix will acclimate quickly in most temperate, subtropical, and tropical vivaria when relative humidity averages 75% or higher. It can be successfully planted in crevices in wood/rocks/backgrounds, on substrate, on tree fern panels, or simply spread over leaf litter or substrate for a grown-in forest floor look as it acclimates. Since our mix is prepared using live moss & plants, acclimation will begin to visually occur within 3-4 weeks in most cases. Once acclimated, the growth will spread to nearby backgrounds, wood decor, and rocks. Depending on the amount of light available to the mix, different species will out-grow others to ensure at least some nice looking growth even in fairly dim areas of an enclosure. Made fresh every week here at NEHERP.
Price Range: $5.99-$64.99
Plant Care: Moss Slurry Care
Located In: Live Moss

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Live Plants

A wide variety of terrarium & vivarium suitable plants

NEHERP Live Plants
While not exactly a branded product, we've been steadily increasing our plant inventory & growing operation for the past 6 years, and expect to further grow the program as time goes on. Our goal has been to offer a wide variety of healthy vivarium suitable plants, and as of early 2016, our indoor grow rooms all utilize energy efficient LEDs & T5HOs as our primary grow lights. We use high quality, natural, and very mild fertilization for our tropical plants grown in-house, and never use chemical pesticides. Our plants are shipped bare root for client convenience, and each comes with both a satisfaction & shipping guarantee. With our controlled growing environments, high quality plants, long-proven selection, and unique packing & shipping methods, you can rest assured that you'll love your NEHERP-supplied plants!
Price Range: $1.99-$20.00+
Plant Care Info: Plant Care Info
Located In: Main Plant Menu

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Lightweight Drainage Layer Substrate

Our best selling, lightest, and least expensive drainage layer substrate

Our best selling drainage layer substrate, our NEHERP LDL (Lightweight Drainage Layer) Substrate is an excellent choice for any live vivarium. Weighing in at under 1.89lbs per gallon, there's an up to 55% weight savings compared to clay aggregate style substrates, without sacrificing surface area or strength! NEHERP LDL is eco friendly, non-toxic, and simple to use. Manufactured from recycled glass with an ideal 3/8"-1/2" average grain size.
Price Range: $5.99/gallon
Located In: Vivarium Substrate

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Related: DIY Terrarium & Vivarium Supplies

A NEHERP-exclusive selection of supplies for terrarium & vivarium projects!

NEHERP DIY Terrarium Supplies
Although it's not necessarily a NEHERP branded product, we're proud to have been the 1'st vivarium supplier to offer a full page dedicated to DIY gear. Whether you are looking to cut/shape glass, build custom parts for an enclosure, add bulkheads, create custom backgrounds, or whatever else you can imagine, we've got you covered. All the gear available on this page is the same stuff we use in our custom vivarium design service, and we're confident in the quality of everything available.
Price Range: $1.99-$29.99+
Associated Pages:

Backgrounds | Glass Working | Plant Mounting

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Related: Wood Decor

A NEHERP-exclusive selection of vivarium & terrarium appropriate wood decor.

NEHERP Wood Decor Vivariums
While our wood decor isn't a NEHERP branded product, we're proud to offer one of the largest assortments of vivarium appropriate wood online. Whether you are looking for Bamboo, Cork, Ghost Wood, Grape Wood, Malaysian Driftwood, Manzanita Wood, Tree Fern, or one of the different small wood decor pods we carry, we'd be glad to help.
Price Range: $1.49-$105.99
Information: Wood Decor Selection
Associated Pages:
All | Accents | Natural Wood | Natural Vines

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Vivarium Substrates

Three versions of our industry standard vivarium substrates

NEHERP Vivarium Substrate
Our company's reputation was partially formed around our absolute top-quality vivarium substrates, and for the ability to last long term, grow plants beautifully, and support the life of beneficial microfauna in most any living environment. We manufacture three popular styles of live vivarium substrates, and use the absolute best ingredients possible in the mix. Each style has proven to be a long-lasting, dependable solution for the substrate layer in live enclosures. By far, this is our best selling NEHERP produced hard-supply item.
Price Range: $5.59-$7.49/Gallon
Located In: Vivarium Substrates

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Vivarium Microfauna

We breed of a variety of beneficial vivarium microfauna species

NEHERP Isopod Vivarium Microfauna NEHERP Isopod Vivarium Microfauna NEHERP Isopod Vivarium Microfauna NEHERP Isopod Vivarium Microfauna NEHERP Springtails Vivarium Microfauna NEHERP Springtails Vivarium Microfauna
We've been working with & offering vivarium microfauna since 2009, and expect to continue to add new species as time goes on. Both Springtails & Isopods are bred in-house, which are the two most common & important "clean up crew" species used in the hobby. We also carry breeding kits for either species, for hobbyists interested in starting their own colonies.
Price Range: $1.99-$20.00+
Information: Microfauna Care
Located In: Feeders & Microfauna

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The NEHERP Vivarium Builder & Related Kits

A variety of vivarium kits designed around specific enclosures & inhabitant species

While not exactly a branded product, our vivarium component kits are exclusive to NEHERP, and are some of our best-selling items