Husbandry Tools

Useful husbandry tools ranging from hobbyist to pro-grade


Dosing Syringe

Great for measuring medications

Chem Martin Syringe
We use these to carefully orally dose animals with liquid or paste medication & vitamins when necessary. *This is not a hypodermic needle!* It's tough to see in the picture, but the removable stainless steel tip is not sharp. Labeled 0-3ML.

Feeding Tongs - Exo Terra

High quality stainless steel feeding tongs

Feeding Tongs - Exo Terra
Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, Exo Terra Tongs are an excellent tool for feeding live insects to reptiles and amphibians. The long, ergonomic pincers make feeding easy and provide enough distance to prevent stress in the feeding animal, while the tips have been "soft-coated" to prevent mouth injury and to provide a firm grip on live feeder insects.

Feeding Tongs - Zoo Med

Two types of feeding tongs from the #1 reptile brand worldwide

Zoo Med Feeding Tongs
Stainless Steel Tongs discontinued @ NEHERP. If you'd like a heavier duty model, try Exo Terra's!
Plastic 6in
For hand feeding all reptiles, birds, fish, and small animals. These tongs are great for smaller, & non-aggressive species like Geckos & Chameleons.
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Gecko Egg Incubation Trays

Maximize space in your incubator using these incubation trays

Gecko Egg Incubation Trays
Use Gecko Incubation Trays in any incubator to sort & organize eggs. Ideal for Leopard Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, Crested Geckos, and any other species with similar sized eggs. Each tray fits in 12oz Fabri-Kal Alur cups, which can be partially filled with any moist incubation medium (beneath the tray) to ensure a perfect humidity level. The 12oz containers will usually prevent hatchlings from crossing over on to the other eggs (ideal when keeping different morphs per container). These can also be stacked for storage, or to be kept in larger incubation containers. Vermiculite, Repashy Superhatch, hatchrite, or Water Polymer Crystals work great for incubation media when using these.
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Heavy Leather Handling Gloves

Makes handling certain reptiles less arduous

Snake Handling Gloves
Heavy duty leather gloves for handling the more difficult medium & large reptiles in your collection. These feature double-layer heavy duty leather protectors at the most common bite/scratch points, with single-layer heavy leather everywhere else for increased dexterity. The long length covers your hands & forearms make handling large, or clawed reptiles much easier. Heavier duty than the typical gray "welding style" gloves. Not fang proof: Not a suitable choice for handling venomous species.
$19.99/ea Pair

Scale - Mini ProScale

An accurate + reliable scale for measuring small animals

Scale - Mini ProScale
An excellent little scale that's accurate to 0.1G! Capacity of 300G. Perfect for many small species of reptile & amphibian. Includes AAA batteries + slide-off cover for easy transport.

Scale - My Weigh 7001 DX

The "industry standard" herp scale

My Weigh 7001
The My Weigh 7001-DX Digital Scale has a 7000g capacity x 1g resolution. These are the industry standard scale for weighing reptiles & amphibians over 1G. Backlit display - 3 AA batteries - letter holding attachment - tube holding attachment and plastic weighing bowl included.

Snake Bags

A common container for shipping or transporting certain snakes

NEHERP Snake Bags
These heavy duty traditional snake bags have been commonplace in the hobby for years. Tie off bags with sewn corners prevent snakes nosing into corners, for a safe & simple solution. Available in 3 sizes, with discounts for quantity purchases. White fabric with black stitching. Embroidered with "New England Herpetoculture" black tags.
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Snake Hook (Black)

A professional-grade rigid snake hook available in 28", 36", and 40" lengths

NEHERP Snake Hook
Small (28in) Size Shown. Click to enlarge
Our all-new black-on-black snake hooks feature flat-top hooks for easy pinning, and are available in three different lengths for your convenience. Great for field herping, and for handling potentially aggressive snakes. Made from light weight aluminum, and durable enough to last for years.
Snake Hook (Black)
Available Sizes:

Snake Hooks Heavy Duty (2 Grips)

A professional hook for heavier herps, available in 3 lengths

NEHERP Professional Snake Hook
Small (28in) size shown. Click to enlarge
Our 24 inch stainless steel heavy duty snake hooks feature flat-top hooks for easy pinning, and two black rubber handles. Flat top for easy pinning & a 2.5" hook opening make for a super useful tool when handling potentially aggressive snakes.
Deluxe Snake Hook (2 Grips)
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Snake Tongs

Large snake handling tongs available in 40", and 50" lengths

NEHERP Snake Grabber
40in Size Shown. Click to enlarge & view folding 50in model
A useful tool when handling potentially aggressive snakes in the field, available in 40" and 50" lengths, with the larger size being collapsible for easy transport. Both types have a spring-loaded grabbing mechanism capable of restraining medium & large snakes. Light aluminum construction.
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Snake Hook - Zoo Med

An inexpensive extendable snake hook for smaller species

Zoo Med Snake Hook
Ideal for moving small snakes, collecting small snakes in the wild, or moving cage furniture in your terrarium to inspect condition of your animals. Easy-grip hook grows from a a collapsed 7 1/4" length to 26" fully extended.

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