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Customer Feedback & Reviews Of NEHERP

Customers always come first at NEHERP!

Clients & the animals in their care really do come first with us. Our business has been built on positive feedback across every forum we sponsor, and we absolutely guarantee a fair & pleasant experience. You can rest assured that if a mistake is made, we'll go above & beyond to make things right. We've posted a few links to places where folks have left us feedback, and copied a bunch below for easy viewing. Thanks for reading!

Customer feedback below has been formatted to fit this site, and client names have been abbreviated for privacy. Feedback is otherwise unaltered.

Customer feedback below has been formatted to fit this site, and client names have been abbreviated for privacy. Feedback is otherwise unaltered.

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Public Feedback:

An ongoing list of some of the reviews we've received!

"My husband and I always order from here and Jessica has been so helpful and knowledgeable. We only do business with them and if there has ever been any kind of issue, Jessica has always fixed it."

Google Review by A.G.

"Some companies still know how to do business.

About a month ago I placed an order at Neherp, and they sent me the wrong plants. However, after I contacted them, they apologized greatly and sent for the right plants on overnight delivery, free of charge. To make up for my troubles, they added in FOUR PLANTS, and TEN CUTTINGS- all for no charge.

Neherp has been an invaluable company for my Vivarium and more people need to buy from them."

Google Review by M.F.

"Stellar store! Absolutely thrilled with my order. The moss is stunning and they even included a larger sheet than what I ordered for free! All the other plants are beautiful, big and healthy. Far more than I expected especially considering the pandemic! Thank you for being a stand up business. I will absolutely be ordered from you again! And thanks, Cameron for packing my order!"

Google Review by J.C.

"About 2 weeks ago I placed an order for plants, flies and clean up crew, they shipped it out the very next day and the order came in after. Love all the plant I got and they are thriving. Most definitely will be using them again."

Google Review by C.R.

"Great customer service !! I value this company for their integrity and great products , have been and will be a customer of theirs ! Great company"

Google Review by B.M.

"I recently ordered from NEHERP a second time after deciding I wanted to add some more plants to my gargoyle geckos vivarium. Everything came packaged perfectly, plants were well protected and arrived quickly even though I recently moved and forgot to change my PayPal address and the package had to be forwarded. Thank you again! I will definitely be ordering from you in the future and I highly recommend NEHERP to anyone who is on need of high quality vivarium supplies!"

Google Review by C.F.

"I've been a customer of NE herp for almost 10 years now. Some of the best customer service of any business, anywhere. Super friendly people. Prompt shipping and service. From plants to feeders for my frogs and vivarium supplies. They have it all. Their plants are super high quality and priced well. And their fruit fly cultures can't be beat. I don't order supplies from anywhere else!"

Google Review by J.G.

"Always good service and healthy plants!"

Google Review by P.

"Probably the best website and business. Shipped fast an everything was wrapped rtight an neat. Got everything I was looking for an more going to get more stuff from here soon an often"

Google Review by D.S.

"Amazing staff, robust products. Couldn't recommend them enough. They really delivered, even when I was inordinately picky about my order. I'll be coming back, and you will too. Give them a go!"

Google Review by N.D.

"Absolutely the best vivarium shop around. I have ordered plants, micro-fauna, terrarium electronics, sphagnum moss, branches and cork wood. Everything that I ordered has met or exceeded my expectations. Everything delivered on time. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF ANY BUSINESS EVER, HANDS DOWN. I am happy to say that this is the only place that I will order any vivarium related products, and they have everything you could ever need."

Google Review by M.K.

"I've had nothing but great experiences with this company! They are a great one stop shop (online) for everything you need to build a thriving vivarium. Their support is helpful and the educational articles on their website were an invaluable resource for initial research! All the plants I've ever ordered have arrived intact and healthy."

Google Review by B.S.

"I just received a fantastic hydei fruit fly culture. I even received an additional culture for free, maybe from an overabundance of stock at the time? Generous in any event! Now I wish I had more animals to feed them to! I will definitely order from these guys again."

Google Review by R.H.

"Placed a large order and everything came as expected. Amazing cork rounds, bigger than expected. Their ABG sounds substrate is great and everything was well packaged. Would recommend."

Google Review by "dthom1030"

"Ordered temperate white springtails (Folsomia candida) 16oz in substrate, Zoomed hand mister, and 2oz live moss slurry. Shipping was fast (2 day for bugs) and everything arrived in one box. Packing was solid the spring culture is booming right out of the box, and the slurry is fresh from yesterday. I was also upgraded to the 4oz size at no extra charge! This wasn't my first time using NEHERP and it won't be my last."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "Marinarawr"

"Just received my first shipment from NEHerp. Very pleased with the service. Shipping was professionally done and communication was great. Will not hesitate to use them again Thank you"

Fauna Classifieds Feedback by user "Serafim"

"They're great! I order from them pretty regularly."

Fauna Classifieds Feedback by user "gorch33"

"I've been buying my FF from NE Herp for the past few months. Mike, Jes, and their staff are full of information and a pleasure to do business with. Their website is very clean and easy to navigate, and their customer service is outstanding. I will most certainly be doing business with her again."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "MarcNem"

"Needing a couple things that were all available from NEHERP. I love their one stop shopping, prices, and customer service. There was a typo in my mailing address that, once caught, was immediately addressed with Fedex and, my package was re-directed without delay. Kudos to you, NEHERP crew!!"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "aspidites73"

"Received supplies and plants and Everything went great. Jess is super nice and was there for me to assist me with my orders They were out of the Mist King Stater System so I asked them to just invoice me the order that way I'm already paid up and I didn't miss out on anything in stock and when they got the Mist King Starter Misting System back in stock then they would ship my order. The cork bark is an amazing deal. I think I will be getting that again for another build. Jess threw the coconut in for free due to out of stock glitch on website."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "DragonSpirit1185"

"Various supplies and live cultures from website. We have had some shipping issues but I believe they will work out the glitch. I must admit that I'm impatient and have been spoiled by Amazon Prime. When things don’t go as expected I get frustrated and mad... Jessica refunded, apologized and sent me a very nice message all on the day before her wedding. Needless to say I felt like a jerk. It's very uncommon to get this kind of customer service and normally I don’t give second chances however this kind of dedication should be rewarded. I fully intent to support NEHERP and wish them all the best."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "port_plz"

"I placed an order for several FF cultures. They were quick to inform me that due to the weather that they would be holding my order till they saw a break in the freezing weather. When they saw a opportunity, they shipped in a very carefully packed box and even added a couple of extra cultures in case some didn't make it. I deal with a lot of companies on line and I have to say that their customer service is second to none!! Thanks Mike and Jessica!"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "mongo77"

"excellent service as usual. Had some freezing weather up north. I was in desperate need of flies. Called them and they put extra insulation in box .arrived next day in great condition . Thanks"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "Frogman8"

"The team at NE Herp is very professional and a pleasure to do business with. I purchased viv supplies, microfauna, and fruit flies. They have a multitude of other hobby supplies and the local pickup has proved invaluable on multiple occasions."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "MarcNem"

"Had a great experience! Needed some fruit flies quickly after discovering unexpected tadpoles that were close to morphing. I got held up at work all day, and finally ordered online on a Friday. It was ten minutes before they closed, and well after the same day shipping cutoff. I added a line in the notes about the urgency of my order, and was hoping they would arrive Monday or Tuesday. Got a knock on the door Saturday morning, and there they were. Less than 24 hours after I clicked send. Someone really went out of their way to pack that up, and probably got stuck late on a Friday. Great service, and the kit was top notch! Thanks guys!"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "SDK"

"Ordered a bunch of ferns, vines, figs, and 15 gallons of substrate. I am so g-damned lazy I left it in my garage and finally opened it a week after it arrived and the plants were packed so well, with tape, paperbag, damp papercloth over the soil, that NONE of the plants have died and none of the branches/vines bent or broke. And it came in a BIG box because it was a large order. Everything was neat, labeled, as though it had come from a small-time breeder. These guys are the best."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "spawn"

"This vendor, other than ordering a mist king from someone else, is the only "frog" vendor I have used. I ordered from them again over the weekend. Jessica personally emailed me today to inform me that Mikes dad had open heart surgery and they were a day behind on getting orders out. (I have no problem whatsoever with them being behind) She sent a lengthy email letting me know how sorry they were and that they would do everything they can to get it out by tomorrow at 6. Talk about GREAT customer service! I am beyond satisfied with them, including my orders in the past! Please continue to support this great company that stands behind their products and believes in taking care of their customers. Also keep Mikes dad (Also Mike) in your prayers"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "grabberorangestang"

"Ordered a little of everything box was packed well shipped fast and the philodendron I ordered was beautiful and a lot bigger than I thought it would be for the price once again very happy and going to be my number one goto"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "Ryanh1284"

"My experience has been Excellent.

1) on the website my zone was listed as this X shipping price (right on the line) they corrected it notified me of the error and only charged me the correct price.. I sent and paied for the higher amount they took the time to correct it and LET ME KNOW too!

2) noted my personal website (on my signature line) and took a moment to check MY info.. too... and took a personal moment to ask and comment.. hey not anything related to the their business but heck nice personal touch.. and frankly a very interesting conversation.. E-mail and online can be a very impersonal connection, but the not needed but very enjoyable hey "normal questions and conversation" was similar to a in person Store setting.. +++

3) product arrived as advertised, Excellent quality! shipped extremely well, as we had some SERIOUS temp issues was able to ship out sooner as they ensured the plants and isopods and springtails would be fine by (at their cost) put extra heat packs!

Will very much order again.. Recommend this vendor also! Although not as experienced as most on "reptiles" etc.. the quality of their plants and their supplies, not to mention shipping and packaging is TOP notch.. something I have a LOT of experience with, Plants HEALTHY vibrant, disease and insect free.. excellent root development and ready to be repotted, stage... a overlooked and under appreciated point for many! not me.. Quality clean, potting medium.. and insects where packaged in CLEAN quality medium.. not oh I scooped out some crap from one of my other cages and put in cups I have experienced with other sources!

Thanks for your time

Fauna Classifieds Feedback by user "misthold" on 3/12/14

"Ordered some bulbs from them and they arrived very promptly and well packed. Very fast shipping and good communication as well. highly recommended."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "Julio" on 1/6/14

"So it's the holidays and the website has a disclaimer that any order placed after the 19th won't ship until the 30th. I placed an order on the 20th, not expecting it to get here until first week of January. It wasn't a small order either...but it arrived here this morning! These guys are consummate professionals. They went the extra mile for no reason except to be professional."

Fauna Classifieds Feedback by user "spawn" on 12/26/13

"Everything I picked it was great, as always. I went to a different vendor to grab some plants for this new tank, and I regret it! NEHerp plants are always huge, thriving, and well priced. Jess remembered who I was immediately after seeing me once, 6 months ago! They seriously care about their customers and their business. In my mind, there's no point buying from anyone else for my viv supplies."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "Fantastica" on 10/27/13

"I highly recommend NE Herp. I have purchased several orders from them and they are my go to shop for dart frog and gecko terrarium needs. Fair prices, quality plants & microfauna, and great service. Mike has gone out of his way more than once to make sure I get the plants that I am looking for. I could not agree more with Integrated Exotic's review. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again, they are an A+ business!"

Fauna Classifieds Feedback by user "Loui1203" on 08/09/13

"I have been working with NEHERP for years now and have nothing but good things to say about them. They have always been willing to talk with me about any questions I've had, all of their products are very high quality, their packaging is immaculate, prices are fantastic and if there's ever a mistake they correct it immediately - usually with something extra thrown in for your trouble."

Fauna Classifieds Feedback by user "Integrated Exotics"

"I agree. I have received great ABG mixes, their plants are packaged perfectly and I've got some good deals on other items. Everything has showed on time and in order. No complaints and I can't wait to order again."

Fauna Classifieds Feedback by user "Focal"

"NEHerp is awesome. I have dealt with them many times and have always been extremely satisfied with every aspect. I would recommend them to anyone."

Fauna Classifieds Feedback by user "AF1Bird"

"The owner Mike spent time talking about individual driftwood/cork wood pieces and photographed specific pieces for what I outlined. They're a smaller operation so they have the time to do this sometimes. He gave me a deal on a bulk lot of wood. I have nothing but good to say about their business. They're also organized with their vivarium packages (substrate, conversions for horizontal to vertical enclosures).

The only complaint I recall having was that the website didn't save my information like an account, but the owner assured me it was for security sake so nothing was stored on the server. I just prefer to have an account on the website so I can check 'past orders' like you can on Amazon to see invoices and see what I already ordered."

Fauna Classifieds Feedback by user "spawn"

"Jessica is GREAT!!! She has really helped me out. She even mailed me some tree fern to assist with removing springtails on her dime. The customer service and shipping has been top notch! I will continue to order supplies from them. Great people, great service! Customer for life! Thanks, Lane, aka, SilverLynx"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "SilverLynx"

"I've ordered many times from NEHerp but it had been a while since my last order. I absentmindedly chose a completely inappropriate shipping option for my sub freezing temps and there were issues. Jessica bent over backwards to help me out and got me replacement plants asap during a busy holiday shipping time. I can't overstate how kind and professional NEHerp was and they were very willing to work with me, even though the mistake was mine. I highly recommend them both for solid products and for amazing customer service. Thanks Jessica. "

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "Boondoggle"

"Your Feedback: Placed multiple orders over the past few months and all I can say is "Above and beyond customer service along with top notch plants, substrate, bugs and everything else I've ordered." Mike and Jessica are quick to communicate about orders and answer all questions no matter how detailed or crazy they may seem. Tyler (Customer for life)"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "T2theG"

"My 3rd time ordering from mike and once again I was a very happy customer. Everything comes in perfect condition and fast. He even gave me an extra pc of vine at no charge . Will alway buy my materials and flies from him. Very well recommended . Thanks "

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "Frogman8"

"I cannot even count on my hands the amount of times I've ordered from Mike at NEHerp. I "branched" out (pun intended) and got some ghostwood....I could not be happier with the ones he picked out for me. I got other items in the order which came 3 days after I placed it. Communication is always top notch! You have my future business :-) Thanks!"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "Brian317"

"Ordered plant package, all 10 plants were expertly packed and some were even flowering! I`ve been doing business with Mike forever and will continue to do so. I also ordered Springtails and was just as pleased. John "

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "Enlightened Rogue"

"Decided to make the switch back to NE Herp's fly media after I wasn't entirely happy with what I had been using... So I put an order in last week. Placed the order at night, package was shipped next day and arrived the day after that. The best thing about them is their shipping. It's a flat rate (or free if you spend enough) and I usually get things next day, it's awesome. Also, there is no guess work on when the package will arrive because there is accurate tracking (its not smartpost or parcel post or whatever the cheap one is that doesn't give you real-time tracking). They pack the order up fast and get it on its way... you can track it... it gets here fast... all for a low fixed rate. Can't beat it. "

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "carola1155"

"I love These Guys!! They are on the ball!! I put in a HUGE order of Ghost wood/ supplies and they had this into fed Ex the next morning. Customer Service is awesome!!! and they have Greatly improved their selection for DIY items and tank ( natural) accent items. They communicate so well over the progress of the order!! Thanks Mike!!!"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "erlese"

"I just returned from an hour long ride to NEHerp. I placed my order yesterday and exchanged a couple of emails with Jess today. I suggested that I come out to pick up the order to save her time and me the shipping cost, that and I'm an impatient person :-). Jess agreed to meet me at the warehouse. When I arrived not only was my order ready and accurate, but we engaged in a thirty minute chat about plants and frogs. These guys live the hobby. It was a pleasure to talk to someone with such passion for their work. When all was said and done, Jess gave me a couple of plants "to cover the drive". She's an angel. NE herp has a customer for life in me."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "GP dynamite"

"Took my dry goods order by phone--because I am one state away, received package in less than 24 hrs via Fed Ex ground, very reasonable charge. Look forward to doing business again."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "Groundhog"

"I don't even know where to begin talking about Jess at NEHERP, I could write a novel on my experience with her, but to shorten it up some, she will go WAY out of her way to make sure you get what you want and you are happy with it. We have spent about an hour on the phone total from a few calls, and many o many of emails. This is the way more businesses need to be these days. She even threw in a few freebies in both orders which she did not have to do, but much appreciated. Haven't dealt with Mike at all but I'm sure he is just as great as Jess! I wish NEHERP much luck in their future. Great people and don't ever hesitate to order from them, I will be placing another order shortly. Thanks Jess, Mike and April P. "

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "1moreminute"

"Recieved my well packed order within 24 hours of placing it!"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "RobR" on 3/5/13

"I purchase almost everything I but for building and maintaining my tanks from NeHerp and have never once had anything sent that wasn't perfect. Mike is amazing at answering questions you may have and fixing orders when you pick the wrong thing. Everything I have purchased ( plants, bugs, substrate, leaf litter, lights, hoods, tons of other stuff, has come well packed and alive. Excellent source for all your frogging needs!"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "Nath514"

"I placed a large order with them (over 100 pounds of goods) right before Hurricane Sandy. Some of my order included plants. Due to unpreventable problems from the hurricane, we had to cancel the plant order. Communication was great and everything was well disclosed. The packaging was very professionally done and well secured for such a heavy order. Everything right down to the personal signature and complimentary 'freebies' was great! They have my business secured and I'll definitely pick up some plants from them once it warms back up. :-)"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "Tinctoc"

"I ordered a large amount of supplies for a new vivarium build and everything arrived very quickly and was packed professionally. Once again, NEHerp proves they are at the top of their game. Thanks so much Mike and Jess."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "curlykid"

"Ordered supplies Friday, got them today! (Tuesday) Great packaging. I like the personal signature on the packing list... adds a very personal touch. Great experience. You've got yourselves another happy, loyal customer. Great to do business with."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "eos"

"I ordered some supplies and pieces of driftwood. He gave me an extra piece of driftwood for free! The packing is always done extremely well. Lifelong customer. "

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "frogandtoad"

"Purchased flies, media, and supplements. I have been ordering from these guys for a while now and I will keep going back. The Flies are always quality (0 mites), prices are great, and the customer service is outstanding. A+."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "eyeviper"

"Bought a whole mess of stuff, monsoon, plants,media, culturing kit, gauges, thermostats and I can't rember what else. Communication was excellent, they called me a couple times with order questions to make sure I got what I wanted. Shipping was fast on multiple occasions and packaged very well."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "outofreach"

"Dealt with Mike and Jessica several times in the past, always a pleasure to deal with and the best one stop shopping out there! If something happens to be out of stock bear with them, in my experience you'll be more than happy with the substitution . I only hope they are not too generous because I look forward to dealing with them for a long time! Thanks guys!"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "Rob R."

"Mike and Jessica are top of the line all the way. Pleasant service, items safely packed and promptly shipped. Doesn't get any better than that!"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "ems1016"

"Got a chance to visit their warehouse twice while I was in CT, and I was more than happy with what I got both times... Custumer service is amazing as always... Mike and Jessica are amazing people to deal with!"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "boabab95"

"New England Herpetoculture truly stands alone when it comes to customer service! They have time and again gone above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. I will undoubtedly look to them 1st for ALL my hobby-related and vivarium supplies. Thanks again guys! -Wes"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "randommind"

"Mike/NE Herp is a pleasure to work with. Not only are their prices great, the product selection is as well. You can tell Mike places a great emphasis on customer service, which I greatly appreciate. Communication throughout the order process was great and shipping was prompt and packed very well. I absolutely will do business with Mike again and I strongly recommend him and New England Herpetoculture to everyone!"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "Rusty_Shackleford"

"I loved everything about my experience Mike and Jessica, they are amazing. I ordered almost everything to build my first viv thru them. The customer service is second to none. They answered SO many questions I had and were always happy to do so. Everything I ordered was packed and received in excellent condition. The plants are beautiful and when they didnt have something in stock, it seemed to be replaced with something I would have regretted not ordering. I am recommending them to everyone, and they have a customer for life with me. much thanks and love to them for getting me thru my first viv!"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "guylovesreef"

"Just got my order in and I am more than happy!! I would recommend them to anyone and definitely will be buying again. I purchased a bunch of viv plants and they were very generous with the size/amount of clippings and even threw in a couple extra for me! Thanks a ton and i will be ordering again soon!"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "mrzoggs"

"I've purchased from Mike in the past at shows but I ordered online this time. Package was better than advertised and arrived very quickly. The cork package is well worth it. Highly recommended and will certainly purchase from again in the future."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "stemcellular"

"Purchased custom built vivarium. I`ve been dealing with Mike for years now and am very fortunate to have someone local who I can ALWAYS depend on, also a top notch staff of very friendly people."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "Enlightened Rogue"

"I ordered $200 of plants and $400 of various terrarium supplies, including 25 gallons of substrate. Their prices are very competitive and the products are top notch quality! The plants from NE Herp are amazing and a great value! Above all else, the customer service that Mike and Jessica from NE Herp consistently provide is the most attractive quality of NE Herp."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "bmartin04983"

"Mike helped me figure out what to get. I was low on food for my frog and mike hooked me up. Even threw in a little gift (thanks!) I will certainly do business again!!!"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "neontra"

"Having dealt with Mike numerous time, this time was no different. Went up to his store to pick up some substrate, wood, repashy products and a plant. Great products at great prices. Thanks Mike."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "rubberbandman3291"

"Second time ordering from NEHERP. This time was for the Hurricane Sale. Im never going to get tired from saying this, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and Excellent Plants and Products. I told Mike the type of species i am working with and he made sure he sent me perfect plants for thumbnails. He always has his customers in good hands. Package arrived this morning. Every plant was carefully wrapped and there was a gel pack. I was even more excited when i saw they gave me three extra plants. Included in those extra plants was a Neoreglia Echo. It is an amazing brom especially for thumbnails. Hey NEHERP, when will you be having another sale so i can build my next vivarium"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "ConFuCiuZ"

"Purchased some broms from these guys, I must say they are astounding! Not only were the broms terrific but the customer service here was excellent! Very attentive and quick to communicate, the broms were well packed and look even better than pictured. Thanks guys! Would recommend to anyone."

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "toxicfrogaddiction"

"Multiple plants including El Fuegos and Mexi Tillandsias. Payed via paypal after ordering online. Contacted Mike to express my concern regarding severe temps. I worry just as much about plant health during transport as frogs. Mike held shipment in order to ensure that they weren't stuck someplace cooking in a warehouse for the weekend which was awesome. Plants arrived yesterday and literally looked like they were just packed that morning. Stellar plant examples and jumbo sized starters. When I dug to the bottom of my parcel, I found a HUGE cold pack. First time that I have received a cold pack with a plant order. Mike, you rock sir. While I have been satisfied with all of the vendors that I have ordered plants from, you sir, take it to a whole new level!"

Dendroboard Customer Feedback by user "Zoomie"

Feedback Received Via Email Or Feedback Form:

"I am really impressed with the quality of the ff cultures that I received and the attention to detail in their packing procedure. Everything arrived in good shape and hadn't been tossed around in the box. Even though we got off to a rocky start on the shipping delay (let's blame the coronavirus), when I opened the box I found that NEHERP had sent some extra cultures at no charge. I had explained via email that I was having trouble getting flies, and this shipping delay had me really worried because my frogs had been on starvation rations. So those additional 2 booming cultures allowed me to feed out immediately. I'm sure my frogs were even happier about this than I was. This really shows their commitment to customer service and I can happily say that they have a new customer. Thanks NEHERP!!!"

Feedback from J.R. in MO

"NeHerp continues to be the first place I look when I’m shopping for anything for my frogs. Every time I set up a new tank now the first thing I do is order a substrate kit from them. I’ve tried several different substrate mixes from various sources and their original mix is by far the best out there!

It really is a rare thing to purchase from a company that truly cares about providing their customers with quality products at very reasonable prices while giving some of the best customer support I’ve experienced, down to the hand written thank you I’ve got with every order I’ve placed with them. They always send nice, healthy looking plants and pack them extremely well so they arrive in perfect condition when they arrive. These guys really are the best in the business and keep me coming back time and time again!

Thanks guys for doing what you do and doing it so well!"

Feedback from A.C. in GA

"I almost purchased my springtails and isopods from another online vendor, but after reading their reviews, I chose to shop around. Then I heard about NEHERP and their stellar reputation. I'm so glad I went with them! Despite the current Covid-19 crisis, they communicated with me every step of the way, and the critters arrived healthy on my doorstep moments ago. I'm thoroughly impressed and will order from them again. 5 out of 5"

Feedback from R.E. in MI

"I received my Order today - 2 Begonia plants. I'm very pleased. They look great. Thank you. It was my first Order with NE Herp. I look forward to ordering from you in the future."

Feedback from P.B. in NJ

"What an amazing company!! There was a mix up on shipping and boy did they deliver with customer service. Right away I got a phone filled with apologies and a wonderful conversation. The next day I had the package. The plants were beautiful and there was plenty of clay and substrate for my main tank and temporary tank once my reptile is out of quarantine. They sent me a few extra plants to make up for any inconvenience (which was more than appreciated) and they were beautiful. Everything they sent me looks very healthy and I'm hoping they take well in the tank (I might even have enough for my temporary enclosure as well. Thanks again for your great customer service and I will definitely be using you guys again."

Feedback from B.C. in CA

"It’s been a very long time since I’ve done business with an online retailer of any kind that has made me actually want to leave them some good feedback. It’s an absolute pleasure opening every order I’ve received from them. Neatly packaged and everything is wrapped up with care. Never seen live plants shipped with such care. They package $4 dollar plants better than some places have packed plants that I’ve purchased that were over $300. I am so glad I’ve discovered you guys! You’ve def. earned a customer for life!"

Feedback from A.C. in GA

"Awesome experience. First time setting up a vivarium and you all made the plant portion of the process easier than I expected. Great information on your site, great communication with your staff, and great plants! Thank you so much. Will be back for more for my next project!"

Feedback from A.T. in TX

"Very satisfied with the products and with customer service. Usps messed up and took 5 days to get my package too me when it should have only taken 2 days. Nevertheless, everything showed up alive and in relatively good condition considering. I attribute this to the way everything was well packed. During the whole process they were very responsive and offered to replace anything that might be dead or in very bad condition. Would definitely recommend ordering and will order again. Thanks neherps"

Feedback from K.P. in ME

"I've placed several orders with NEHERP, and consistently feel that they far exceed expectations.

After my first order was mixed-up, largely caused by a confusing modification on my end, NEHERP promptly dealt with it and sent me the missing items with upgraded shipping.

Since then, I've placed several orders and every aspect of the process has been immaculate - excellent communication, accurate shipping estimates, prompt service, and best of all, the products have been outstanding. Every plant I've ordered has far surpassed what I anticipated - they're always healthy, robust, and vibrant - and all have also acclimated very well.

I really couldn't recommend them more highly."

Feedback from R.A.B. in CA

"Yesterday my plants and isopods came in! They were being held bc CT turned into Antarctica for a minute there. I am SO happy with my order! I love the Rabbits Foot Fern (a great suggestion since the Korean rock fern got chilly❄)! All the plants arrived in great shape! Plus it was a nice touch to have some extra air plants in there! You guys have great customer service, and have made a new client for life! Thanks again, cant wait to order soon haha!"

Feedback from B.P. in CT

"Wow! It's all I can say about the vivarium plant kit that I got from you. I'm beyond happy. The plants arrived healthy and so vibrant! This is the second batch of plants I purchased. The first from a different Web site. Wa wa wa.... Bad choice. Then the second batch from you. I am so glad to have found your site on Google. It is very apparent the amount of love and caring that goes into your products. I am now a fan for life. Thank you again."

Feedback from S.W. in WA

"I seldom write these types of letters but after receiving my shipment yesterday I feel compelled. I wanted to let you know that the plants I received where in excellent condition and each was an incredible example in its' own right. In the past I have ordered plants for my vivariums from a variety of vendors, however none of them even came close to the quality of plants from your company. The plants I received from you were all expertly packaged and arrived seemingly without any adverse impact from shipping (the timing from the receipt and shipment of my order was also excellent!). I am so impressed by the overall quality of the plants and the professionalism of your company that I do not think I will order from any other vendors again, and I have recommended you to several of my colleagues in the hobby as well. Keep up the great work and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future."

Feedback from J.H. in Pennsylvania

"Received them today, very nice plants. These are not like other websites that have nice pics on their website, and when you get them they are small and not of quality. very nice plants for the price, nice size too. Will definitely buy from you again."

Feedback from T.P. in Ohio

"I just wanted to drop you a message about the mopani wood. I've finished the viv, and with the extra mopani peace the larger piece you sent me worked extremely well, so I am more than satisfied with how things worked. Thanks for your effort, and the plants were some of the best I've seen."

Feedback from R.S. in New York

"I got the package on Wednesday. I wanted to tell you How happy I am with the plants! I will definitely be ordering from you guys again in the future! Thanks for the extras too."

Feedback from C.P. in New York

"Just wanted to say thank you. I received the plants yesterday - everything looks great - great service and products. - Plan on ordering from you again in the future."

Feedback from C.B. in New Jersey

"I just received my plant order and I'm very impressed. The plants look absolutely wonderful. I thank you very much for the extras you threw in. I can't wait to send you pics of the finished tank. Thank you so much for your help. You're a good businessman Mike, thanks for making things right. I'm a customer for life now."

Feedback from J.H. in Illinois

"Received them today, very nice plants. These are not like other websites that have nice pics on their website, and when you get them they are small and not of quality. very nice plants for the price, nice size too. Will definitely buy from you again."

Feedback from T.P. in Ohio

"Just got my order and I wanted to praise your ingenious packing abilities. Amazingly, no plants were crushed by the heavy stuff, and all the plants look absolutely beautiful - the brom is just gorgeous! I'm very happy with everything and will definitely be shopping with you again."

Feedback from R.A. in New York

"I ordered from you a couple months ago when you went vacation. You kept me up to date on when you were coming back and when my plants would be shipped. Everything was healthy and I even had a few extra air plants! Its nice to see that someone is doing business the right way."

Feedback from C.P. in California

"I just got the plants a few minutes ago, they all look great. I cant believe how well they were packed in their box. This is literally the best packaging job I've ever seen on any kind of order ever. Ill be posting this message on Dendroboard and as feedback on your Dendroboard sponsor ratings page."

Feedback from D.S. in Kentucky

A Note To Our Clients

"Thank you for making New England Herpetoculture possible. When we started out, our company had a poorly designed website and just a small selection of supplies & plants in stock! Since then, our dream of becoming the "one stop vivarium shop" has slowly become a reality, thanks to our awesome customers who keep us going. With your support, we've quickly become one of the fastest-growing herp supply companies in the USA!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your business! We truly appreciate it, and we'll do our best to continue to earn it moving forward!"

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Learn more about who we are on our About Us page.

Learn more about who we are on our About Us page.

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