Add To An Order Already Placed

How It Works:

This tool is for clients who want to add to an order which was already submitted to avoid a second shipping fee. Using this tool, your current shopping cart's contents will be marked as an add-on, and our team will try to combine it with the order you've already got on file. Excess shipping fees will be billed for now, and refunded when your (combined) order ships. If it's too late to add-on, we'll contact you before proceeding and give you the option to either cancel/refund or ship the add-on. Please act quickly, since we can't add-on to orders which have already been packed!

Before Proceeding:

Please ensure your shopping cart only contains the items you'd like to add to your original order, and not the original order itself. If your cart contains your original order too, just delete it's contents and leave only the items you'd like to add-on.

Add-On Instructions:

1) Click the green "Mark As Add On" button below
2) Check out normally. (You will be billed shipping!)
3) We'll see your add-on and combine both orders
4) Extra shipping fee will be refunded when shipped
Please review the Terms & Limitations first!
Add On Terms & Limitations:
1) This tool cannot be used for Instant Rewards. Rewards must be placed with a complete order in order to process.
2) This tool can't remove/change things from the original order. For that, please email us at!
3) Our processing times vary by location & item class, so please act quickly. We can't add to orders already packed/shipped!
4) If the add on can be combined with the original order, we'll refund any excess shipping fees when the order is ready to ship.
5) If it's too late to process the add-on, we'll email you with options before doing anything. How we proceed will be your choice.
6) Our software requires a value for any item, so the add on costs $0.01 which will be refunded along with the shipping fee.