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Exo Terra Bio Drain Substrate

Exo's nice looking drainage layer media

Exo Terra Bio Drain
Exo Terra BioDrain Terrarium Draining Substrate is a natural, non-organic substrate that allows excellent drainage of the terrarium. This is a more natural looking direct replacement for either Zoo Med Hydroballs, or Hydroton brand expanded clay substrate. Sold in 4.4lb bags. (About 1.25-1.5 gallons/ea)
Biodrain Substrate
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Exo Terra Bio Drain
Exo Terra Bio Drain Mesh
LECA Drainage Layer
NEHERP LDL Substrate
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Zoo Med Hydroballs
Zoo Med Screen Mesh


Exo Terra Bio Drain Mesh

Exo Terra's fine mesh drainage layer dividing material

Exo Terra Bio Drain Mesh
The Exo Terra BioDrain terrarium draining mesh is part of the BioDrain terrarium draining system. This non-toxic, non-decomposable mesh will keep the underlying draining substrate separated from the substrate layer above. This mesh is extremely fine (see detail above), and won't allow substrate particles through to the drainage layer below. Comes is four sizes to conveniently fit most Exo Terra enclosures. For 36in + wider enclosures, Exo Terra suggests overlapping two screens.
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LECA Drainage Layer Substrate

A lightweight expandable clay aggregate commonly used in drainage layers

Hydroton Leca
The "original" drainage layer substrate for vivariums! It's an inert, PH neutral clay product that holds up long term without breaking the bank. The round shapes maximize surface area between pieces, which supports the important beneficial bacteria growth in live vivariums. Leca allows for proper drainage with minimal 'wicking' in living vivariums which is necessary for the long-term success. Sold in 1-gallon resealable bags.

NEHERP LDL: Lightweight Drainage Layer Substrate

Our store brand is our best selling, lightest, and least expensive drainage layer substrate

NEHERP LDL Bag Substrate NEHERP LDL Substrate
Our best selling drainage layer substrate, our NEHERP LDL (Lightweight Drainage Layer) Substrate is an excellent choice for any live vivarium. Weighing in at under 1.89lbs per gallon, there's an up to 55% weight savings compared to clay aggregate style substrates, without sacrificing surface area or strength! NEHERP LDL is eco friendly, non-toxic, and simple to use. Manufactured from recycled glass with an ideal 3/8"-1/2" average grain size. This product ships at our standard low rates!
Need more than 20 gallons? We're glad to wholesale our NEHERP LDL Substrate! Please contact us.

NEHERP Screen Separator

Available in common enclosure sizes, or for custom applications

NEHERP Screen Separator
(Mesh enlarged to show texture)
A simple & easy way to get a non-toxic, evenly cut, screen separator, guaranteed to fit. This is the same screen material we've been using since we started building vivariums commercially. Our screen separators prevent substrate from passing through, but allows water to flow freely from substrate layer down to the drainage layer, without any of the water pooling issues sometimes experienced with weedblock or fabric style material. NEHERP Screen Separators are compatible with enclosures by Aqueon®, Marineland®, Tetra®, Exo Terra®, Zoo Med®, and more. If you'd like a custom, large, or uncommon size, please select the "custom" option on the right side, and simply select the corresponding square inch size. These are shipped rolled, so it's easier to lay out & use immediately compared to folded liners. We often give a little extra just to be sure clients have enough, as they are very easily cut with scissors if necessary.
Sorry, we're unable to accommodate complex cuts for hex tanks, bow front tanks, cylinders, or anything other than a simple 4-sided shape. If you are working with an oddly-shaped enclosure, we'd suggest purchasing a large enough piece of screen to simply cut down to fit your enclosure.

Zoo Med Hydroballs

A darker color of expanded clay aggregate substrate, for use in vivarium drainage layers

Zoo Med Hydroballs
Zoo Med Hydro Balls Expanded Clay Terrarium Substrate is designed for use under the vivarium substrate to create an underground water table in vivariums. An excellent substrate for live plant root growth in planted vivariums. Available in 2.5 lb bags (Roughly one gallon) Basically the same product as LECA, only with slightly smaller, dark gray pieces.
Zoo Med Hydroballs

Zoo Med Screen Separator

Zoo Med's drainage layer dividing material

Zoo Med Screen Separator Mesh
Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Mesh is a non-toxic fine mesh for use in terrariums above the drainage layer to allow proper water drainage which keeps substrates from mixing and contaminating the water/filtration system. Specifically designed for Zoo Med Naturalistic enclosures.
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