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Pilea depressa

Pilea Baby Tears

Pilea depressa Pilea depressa
An extremely easy to grow trailing Pilea species that's well suited to a wide variety of terrarium conditions. Easy to propagate from clipping, and grows up and onto just about anything. Thrives under low to high amounts of light. Plant in a well-draining soil, kept moist but not saturated.
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P. depressa
P. glauca

Pilea glauca

Pilea Aquamarine

Pilea aquamarine Pilea aquamarine
A beautiful, delicate, trailing species of Pilea that's an excellent choice for mounting high & allowing it to drape downward. This species will also grow along the floor of a vivarium, if given the opportunity. 4" Pot shown above left. Will grow epiphytically in highly humid enclosures, or can be planted in a quick-draining substrate that's kept moist.
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