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NEHERP Uses Fabrikal!
Small Condiment Cups
Great for offering Gecko Diet, shipping froglets, and more!
Condiment Cups
Small containers with multiple uses from shipping smaller Amphibians to feeding Reptiles. Both sizes of these cups fit in commonly available Gecko ledges, with the 1.5oz being the most common. With prices as low as $0.03/ea, we do our best to offer the best deals we can on our high quality Fabri-Kal cups! Lids available separately.
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Clear Lids
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Fabri-Kal Brand Deli Cups With Clear Lids
Available in 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz sizes
Deli Cups
The highest quality deli cups we've tested! Used for everything from food prep to live animal shipping. Clear plastic lids included at this price. For cups without lids, see next item down.
Fabri-Kal Brand Deli Cups Without Lids
Available in 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz sizes
Deli Cups
The highest quality deli cups we've tested! Used for everything from food prep to live animal shipping. These Fabri-Kal deli cups are compatible with all commonly used 4.5" deli cup lids. (Plastic, vented fabric, and vented mesh!)
Fruit Fly Culture Containers
High Quality FabriKal 32oz Deli Cups & Vented Fabric Lids
32oz Deli Cup 32oz Deli Cup
We offer only the highest quality Fabri-Kal brand cups, to ensure cultures won't bend or crack easily. These 32oz containers are the same type used for every fly culture built & sold by NEHERP! Commonly used for breeding fruit flies and other insects. We are proud to offer our high quality vented fabric culturing cups & lids at some of the lowest shipped price anywhere online.
(Note: Prices of 25+qty reflect our manufacturer's recent slight $0.01 increase per lid.)
Plain, Vented Fabric, and Vented Aluminum Mesh Lids
All three options fit 8oz, 16oz, 24oz, and 32oz cups!

Plain Lid Vented Fabric Lid Vented Aluminum Mesh Lid
Plain Fabri-Kal Deli Cup Lids
A multi-purpose standard plastic lid for deli cups. Our only non-vented deli cup lid option.
Vented Fabric Lids
Industry standard vented fabric lids for culturing feeder fruit flies, among many other uses.
Vented Aluminum Mesh Lids
A heavier duty mesh than our above poly fabric lids, but otherwise nearly identical. Commonly used for shipping/breeding larger insects in deli cups, among many other uses. A great solution for those breeding tiny reptile/amphibian species looking for individual temporary grow out containers.
Fabri-Kal Alur 12oz Crystal Clear Cups & Lids
Perfect for expo displays, and incubation trays
FabriKal Crystal Clear Deli Cups
These are Fabri-Kal's highest quality category of deli cups, made from crystal clear plastic. These are excellent for displaying animals at expos & trade shows, as well as holding our new NEHERP Gecko Incubation Trays If you'll be using these with live animals (or eggs) inside, be sure to poke a couple holes in the sides to allow for some ventilation.
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Petri Dishes
Sterile petri dishes often used when breeding certain amphibian species
Petri Dishes
Although these have many uses in a herp enthusiast's supply collection, they are most commonly used in amphibian husbandry when collection or storage of eggs is necessary. Learn more about how frog breeders use these on our Tinctorius Dart Frog care page! Dimensions: 105MM X 15MM (Roughly 4" X 5/8")
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12oz Squeeze Bottle
Perfect for dispensing Repashy Gecko Diets!
Squeeze Bottle For Repashy Gecko Diet
A standard squeeze bottle commonly used for mixing & dispensing Repashy Gecko Diet. Got a handful of Geckos? This easy to clean dispenser makes for a less messy mixing-time, faster MRP distribution between cups, and easier cleanup.
$2.99/ea Squeeze Bottle
Sterilite 6 Quart Container
Used for storage, grow-out containers, microfauna cultures, and more!
The 6 Quart Storage Box features a see-through base that allows contents to be easily identified. The opaque lid snaps firmly onto the base to keep contents contained and secure. Fits conveniently on 16" shelving, making it ideal for organizing and storing small items. Features secure-fiting, contoured lids for stable stacking.
Dimensions: 13 5/8" X 8 1/4" X 4 7/8"     Capacity: 6 Qt / 5.7 L
Use "as is" for storage, microfauna cultures, and more. Many breeders also use these as "grow-out" containers to temporarily house small hatchlings after making appropriate ventilation holes.
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Film Canisters (Black + Clear)
Commonly used as egg deposition sites for Neotropical frogs.
Film Canisters Dart Frog Film Canister Clear Film Canisters
Film canisters are commonly used as egg deposition sites when breeding dart frogs, but they also have countless other uses. All of our film canisters are brand new, and are available with or without closing tops.
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Suction Cupped Film Canisters
Glass-mounted egg deposition sites for Neotropical frogs.
Suction Cupped Film Canisters For Neotropical Frog Egg Deposition
Film canisters mounted to suction cups that stick to the glass sides of a vivarium. Ideal for dart frog breeding! Available in both Black & Clear. Suction cup size may vary. Lids not included. More tadpole care stuff is located in tadpole care.