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Vivarium Wood & Natural Decor

For Bioactive Terrariums & Live Vivariums

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About Our Wood Supplies & Decor:

NEHERP Entrance Sign Mushrooms Growing in Bioactive Terrarium From NEHERP Mushrooms In Live Vivarium From NEHERP Small Terrarium Wood Supply Room
What Sets Our Decor Apart
Bioactive terrariums are our specialty, and we've been doing this since 2009. We know our customers care for some of the most sensitive flora & fauna in the world, and we've got a pile of policies in place to ensure our wood lives up to it's reputation for quality. Of course the decor on this page is totally chemical free, but that's a pretty big understatement. To start, we don't allow walk-in business at our facility, so the only people who physically handle our wood decor are trained staff. A sign at our shop's entrance forbids the use of aerosols, perfumes, and cleaning sprays while disallowing animals, plants, and supplies being brought into the shop by visitors. We shape pieces in our wood shop, grade everything by hand, carefully select pieces based on customer requests, and specially arrange wood assortments based on enclosure size. (In our Background Kits) To make a long story short, we go way above the norm when it comes to our wood decor, and we're confident you'll love what we ship! :-)
Custom Vivarium Background Example With Wood Decor Bioactive Terrarium With Custom Wood Background Live Vivarium With Live Moss Background Bioactive Terrarium With Live Moss Growing On The Background
Wood, Decor, and Hardscape Design
There's a whole lot to consider when designing a hardscape, but we've got all the wood decor and other tools to help you get the job done right. Every enclosure is different, and every designer has totally different goals. While some folks might prefer a quick & simple Heavy Duty style background, others might prefer a full blown Custom Background. In any case, we recommend checking out the links below for a bunch of information, inspiration, and advice. We're happy to help with any style you can think of, so if you've got any questions don't hesitate to reach out!
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