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Our unique packing methods resulted in over 98% of perishables arriving in good condition, in 2015.
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Hard supply orders usually ship within 24 hours M-F. Bug orders do too, if it'll arrive before the weekend.
Plant orders ship within 1-3 days. Check out our shipping FAQ for exact order processing & shipping timetables.
NEHERP's Guaranteed Ground Shipping Policy
If temps are within safe range, perishables shipped using ground service carry a live arrival guarantee.
Applies to everything perishable in all orders. Nearby customers can ship ground year round regardless of temps!
Combine-Ship From Any Category Without Affecting Guarantees
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Our unique packing tools & materials allow us to ship the heaviest substrate next to the most delicate plants safely.
Price Match Policy
We'll do our best to meet any vivarium or herp supply business's price on any brand name item we sell. If you've found a lower price on a name brand item from a competing herp-shop, please email us for a price-match.
Please Note: Third party & corporate supply marketplaces are ineligible for price-matching, as they are not competing herp-shops, and are very often predatory against small businesses like us. Sorry: No price matching on perishables, non-branded items, and wood decor.
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You'll find 'NEHERP Notes' like these all over our site with info & advice for the corresponding product or topic. That way if you are new to the hobby, you'll still get the same customer service experience that you'd get if you were walking through our shop with us in person. Customer service & advice after the sale is always important, but being proactive by offering advice prior to the sale helps too!
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