Vivarium Building Kits For 8X8X8 Terrariums

Everything necessary to turn an empty 8X8X8 enclosure into a live vivarium

Everything you'll need to build a bioactive vivarium

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8x8x8 Terrarium

Enclosure Information:

8x8x8 Terrarium Dimensions
Brand Name: Exo Terra Nano/Wide - PT2599
Availability: A stocked & shippable enclosure @ NEHERP
Substrate/Drainage Req. For 2.5in Depth: 0.69 Gallon
Substrate/Drainage Req. For 3.0in Depth: 0.83 Gallon

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Complete Vivarium Kits
8X8X8 Terrarium
Complete Kits

Transform your 8X8X8 enclosure into a beautiful, live vivarium ecosystem

Vivarium Lighting Kits
8X8X8 Terrarium
Vivarium Lighting Kits

Proven options for illuminating 8X8X8 enclosures with balanced natural light

Vivarium Custom Background Kits
8X8X8 Terrarium
Custom Background Kits

Create an incredible looking hardscape with a 8X8X8-specific custom background kit

Vivarium Substrate Base Kits
8X8X8 Terrarium
Base Kits

The perfect qty of substrates and a pre-cut screen sep. for your 8X8X8 enclosure

Vivarium Plant Packs
8X8X8 Terrarium
Plant Packs (Standard)

A selection of high quality plants, ideal for your 8X8X8 enclosure & animal species

Vivarium Plant Packs
8X8X8 Terrarium
Plant Packs (Heavy Duty)

A selection of more durable plants, selected for your 8X8X8 enclosure & animal species

Suggested Vivarium Add-Ons
8X8X8 Terrarium
Vivarium Kit Extras

Optional, beneficial supplies to help you build the best 8X8X8 vivarium possible
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