2017 - Happy New Year!
★ New Year's Update! ★

What we learned during 2016

Written by Mike S, one of the owners of NEHERP
So how 'bout 2016? I feel like it says something when a couple major news outlets feature New Year headlines which basically state, "2016 wasn't that bad...". For us, it was definitely the bumpiest year in our company (and family's) history. On the bright side, little Michael Gus was born into the world, company revenue grew more than any year in our (soon-to-be) 8 year history, and the team, greenhouse, and warehouse all doubled in size. On the downside, members of the team lost a few close family members, little Michael Gus ended up in the intensive care unit shortly after he was born (he's OK now!), and we even struggled a bit as small business in an increasingly volatile & competitive market. We learned a whole lot last year, and we've got some major changes planned for 2017. Expect big differences in our inventory, stock management, NEHERP products, articles, and more. It's going to be an exciting year!
The first major change has already started. In early 2016 we reviewed the responses of hundreds of NEHERP Insiders who submitted feedback in regards to what they'd like to see us carry. We learned a lot, and I'm glad to say we're moving forward with just about every request this year. Starting immediately, the company will be completely reformulating our inventory to re-focus on vivarium related supplies. No worries - we aren't dropping all of our herp supplies or anything; just a significant portion of the slower sellers. Starting now, and going through the first few months of 2017, we recommend keeping an eye on the clearance section. Some stuff will even be sold at or below cost to make room for the (quite literally) tons of new vivarium product. Another hopeful benefit of our soon-to-be streamlined inventory will be a smoother-running stock management system.
The second change is also directly driven by our awesome customers. Our seriously small business has somehow managed to claim the #1 spot for a majority of vivarium-related searches, making our Vivarium Articles some of the most popular online. Considering our size as a company, and especially our almost laughably tiny advertising budget, it was a huge surprise to us. This data proved to us that our informational articles are a big favorite for our audience, and we've got a bunch of new articles coming down the pipeline. From the bottom of my heart - thank you very, very much for helping our articles become so popular! We literally couldn't have done it without you, and I promise to keep working hard on more informational stuff in the upcoming year. :-) In the meantime, we've updated Vivarium Lighting 101 and Vivarium Construction 101 with plenty of new data we hope you find useful!
New products & services will be the third item on the "change agenda" for 2017. A major part of our revenue gets thrown right back into product development for the hobby, and we'd like to push that trend even further through this upcoming year. The all-new vivarium related services page is up & running as of 1/1/17, which explains in more detail what we're able to assist with on that end of things. In addition, if all goes well, we'll also have new NEHERP Fly Media, more vivarium decor, better lighting options, increased plant selection, and a whole lot of other good stuff developed during the year. We can't get into all the specific details of what's coming next, but we're very excited to say the least.
In the end, I just want to say thank you. Thanks for choosing our small business when there are so many other options out there. Thanks for making our articles #1 on Google, and thanks for the almost unbelievable amount of word-of-mouth referrals. By shopping at NEHERP, you are directly supporting two families, two young couples, three college students, a couple high school VOAG students, and one retired Department of Environmental Protection officer. We could list the amount of animals you are helping to support too, but that list would be too long for this page. Your patronage goes a really long way when you shop small, and every member of the team appreciates you.
On behalf of the entire NEHERP team:
PS: Have any suggestions for us, pertaining to what you'd like to see in the upcoming year or so? Let us know! ⤸