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Plant & Grow Room Update:

All sorts of plant related goodness

Old Summer Grow Room Vining Plants Growing Out New Grow Room Rack 1 Of 5 Begonias Growing Out Bromeliads Coloring Up Under Grow Lights
New Grow Rack 1 of 5 Why We've Made Changes:
Our plant availability was never what we wanted it to be. In the past, we'd been seriously limited by our growing space, website functionality, and requirement to prioritize our Plant Kits. On this page, we'll outline some of the changes we've implemented.
New Grow Rack 2 of 5 About The Expansion:
We've been growing plants indoors for nearly a decade now, and the latest grow room expansion wrapped up back in November of 2018. The newest area allows us to grow-out another couple thousand plants at any given time, which will help us keep a wider availability year-round. Filtered airflow, air movement, watering, and climate controls are now completely automated for the first time, and should help ensure our plants remain as big & healthy as ever. We're still a small operation overall, so folks can count on the same attention to detail we've always been proud of.
New Grow Rack 3 of 5 About The Site Update:
We had three simple goals in mind when it came to building the new plant pages. First, we wanted to offer more information for every type of plant we carry. Second, we wanted to ensure plant availability updates could be made quickly and easily. Third, we wanted our format to auto-hide & group plants which are sold out or reserved for kits. We used to only display around 5-10% of our plant availability at any given time, and now we're looking at around 40-50%. Plenty of stuff is still reserved for discounted plant kits, but now we're able to show a more accurate representation of what we're working with. We're planning on making significantly more plants available for individual purchase as time goes on and our growing capacity increases. :-)
New Grow Racks 2 & 3 Clearer Policies & Notifications:
Our job is to send plants to our awesome clients as quickly and safely possible. We keep a lot of stuff in mind when shipping perishable orders, and our protective policies have helped us achieve a healthy arrival percentage we're proud of. Our new plant pages offer automated shipping warnings, clearer policy statements, and bold warnings when potential delays are expected.
Mother Plant Room New Working Schedule & Management System:
Monday is the only day of the week where we (in Connecticut) can safely ship perishables to every state in the Continental USA using ground shipping while avoiding the weekend delay. Back in November, each of our logistics team members began working Sunday through Thursday, in an effort to ensure we can ship as many packages as possible every Monday. With the new schedule in place, we hope to get plant orders shipped faster than ever! In addition to the schedule change, we hired a couple new team members and made a major update to our company's management system to help ensure things run smoothly. We've got plenty of other projects like this one planned for 2019, so please keep an eye out!
Thanks For Your Business,
-Mike, Jess, and the whole team at NEHERP
PS: We're still hiring, so if you are local to CT, are a hard worker, and are looking for a job, check out our employment page!
Inner Grow Room #2 Begonias Growing Out Pilea Growing Out Peperomia Growing Out Selaginella Growing Out

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