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Leaf Litter Substrates

All four of the most popular type of leaf litter for live vivariums


Vivarium Substrate Categories:

Vivarium Leaf Litter
Leaf Litter


Leaf Litter

Appropriate for use in vivariums & more

Live Oak Leaf Litter Magnolia Leaf Litter
Live Oak

Leaf litter is most commonly used as a "top layer" in vivarium construction (alongside moss & other small decor items), although there are many other herpetocultural uses for it. Our leaf litter is hand-bagged by our long-term contractors for a debris-free, clean product. Live Oak leaf litter is probably the most commonly used leaf litter today, since the perfectly sized small leaves resist breaking down while looking great. Magnolia is our most inexpensive leaf litter which is most commonly used with larger species like Geckos. Either option provides a long lasting, reliable, and well proven option as a "top layer" over any of our Live Vivarium Substrates.

Available Varieties:
Available at a discount in our Vivarium Substrate Base Kits
Strictly limit 2 gallons per order.
(Ordering more than 2 gallons may cause order delays!)
A Note On Processing Leaf Litter:
While our leaf litter is hand picked, & debris-free, it's always a worthwhile practice to process leaf litter before using it in a live environment. The added peace of mind is worth the 5 minute procedure, and it carries all the same benefits of processing plants, only even easier.
Step 1: Thoroughly rinse leaves in a pot of water
Step 2: Drain & refill the pot with fresh water
Step 3: Carefully boil the leaves for 2-3 minutes
Step 4: Strain the leaves & allow to cool before use

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