Custom Vivarium Services

Vivarium Services

We offer four categories of vivarium related services:

Four categories of service:

Live Vivarium Design

Beautiful, turn-key living environments

A custom 36x18x36 Exo Terra
Custom background detail
Built to hold Nepenthes Pitcher Plants.
(Not completed in photo)
Built for Harvard's Museum of Natural History
A basic, heavy duty vivarium for R. leachianus
Leachianus vivarium detail
A basic vivarium for Phyllobates terribilis
A very basic vivarium for Coqui frogs
If you can dream it, we can build it. We're happy to assist in the creation of all living environments, ranging from fairly simple enclosures built from our Complete Vivarium Kits, all the way up to extremely elaborate museum quality show pieces.

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Custom Supplies

One-off custom made products

Front desk concept w/sliding 55G vivarium
Completed front desk vivarium
Fully enclosed vivarium rack concept
Completed enclosed vivarium rack systems
Custom top for Natural History Museum Vivariums
Closeup of concept component fan
Installed on unfinished vivarium
Four individually controllable silent fans
Custom light carrier concept
Custom light carrier installed
Rear view of custom light bracket & wire loom
The above photos only scratch the surface of what we're able to do, and we'd love to hear your ideas. With a background in custom fabrication, our team would be glad to help design custom tops, unique enclosures, fixtures, and more.

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Vivarium Maintenance

For a truly effortless live display

Mike W. introducing Pumilio into a vivarium
Mike S. offering advice relating to upkeep
Experienced on-site Amphibian care
Experienced on-site Reptile care
General vivarium maintenance
Upkeep of custom installations
Vivarium Maintenance Services are available to any clients who prefer to leave the upkeep to us. This is an ideal solution for businesses, medical practices, educational facilities, and even busy homeowners who love the look of living art, without any of the associated work.

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Professional advice & assistance

Our friendly vivarium experts
Precise lighting recommendations for exhibits
Consultations for zoos, museums, and more
Blueprints & 3D renderings for contractors
Blueprints & 3D renderings for contractors
Conceptualized office & vivarium rack layout
Finished product (Was unfinished warehouse space)
Inexpensive hobby room layout & design
Concept: Modular vivarium exhibit
Our team has over 20 years of combined live vivarium experience, and we'd love to put our expertise to work for you. We've helped everyone from museums & universities, to breeders & hobbyists create awesome displays on a wide range of budgets.

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