Sansevieria plants for vivariums housing medium & large sized inhabitants


Sansevieria trifasciata

Snake Plant / Mother In-Law's Tongue

Sansevieria is a fairly common plant, and is extremely easy to grow. Tolerant of a wide range of lighting from shaded to extremely bright. If kept in a humid enclosure, we suggest planting these in a fast-draining soil that's kept moist but not saturated. (ABG/NEHERP is ideal!) These are commonly used as structural climbing & resting places for arboreal species, due to the easy care requirements & general hardiness of the plant. While they do grow to be fairly large, they are suitable for use in even smaller terrariums, since they are incredibly easy to trim & slow-to-grow.
We've kept these plants successfully with many species ranging from small to large! Once acclimated, Sansevieria can support even the largest arboreal Geckos (Rhacodactylus leachianus + similar) with ease. These plants are perfect when keeping a wide range of tree frog species, and tons medium/large Gecko species including Cresteds, Gargoyles, Uroplatus species, Phelsuma species + many more. In our experience, most animals mentioned will choose these plants as their perch or basking spot over many other plants & decor items, if given the opportunity. Not only do the herps appreciate the smooth resting spots provided by these plants, but due to the vertical growth pattern, these will remain fairly "clean" of animal waste in the vivarium setting! Considering the price & hardiness of these, they really are a great starting point if you'll be housing an arboreal species.
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