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3-Pack Assorted Ferns

A discounted pack of ferns at our lowest prices!

3 Pack Terrarium Ferns
A 3-pack of our super high quality terrarium appropriate ferns for just $4.66/ea! (23% off our usual prices!) Only well established plants will be included, as shown in the above picture. Assortments will be from our typical, healthy ferns listed on this page. A great choice for those looking to fill some terrestrial space in a live vivarium!
$13.99/ea 3-Pack

Live Moss Pack

A discounted package of our top three best-selling types of live moss

NEHERP Live Moss NEHERP Live Moss Slurry Live Tropical Terrarium Moss
NEHERP Live Moss
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NEHERP Moss Slurry
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Pillow Moss
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NEHERP Live Moss
Vivarium Moss Low Growing Vivarium Moss Terrarium Moss
By far one of our best sellers. Our live moss is 100% all natural, pesticide & dye free. It'll grow upward and outward in well lit vivariums with high humidity. Our moss is sold pre-processed in resealable bags, and is safe for immediate use in vivariums. Can be mounted epiphytically or terrestrially, depending on the goals for your application. This species is perfectly suited to vivarium conditions. Since 2009, we're the only terrarium plant supplier that pre-processes moss for you! Our moss thrives on either NEHERP or ABG substrate, and can tolerate a wide variety of lighting conditions ranging from partial shade to full sun. Please note that the moss pictured above had about 2-3 months to acclimate, and will require time to grow & become that lush. Please check out our moss caresheet for advice on how to grow it successfully.
(To purchase NEHERP Live Moss individually, please, visit it's product page)
NEHERP Live Moss Slurry
NEHERP Live Moss Slurry Growing On Cork Bark NEHERP Live Moss Slurry Growing Epiphytically NEHERP Live Moss Slurry Growing On Ghostwood
If you are new to the concept of a Moss Mix/Slurry, it's essentially a concentrated blend of different moss & plant species that can be used to initiate moss growth on different terrarium decor. Our mix will acclimate quickly in most temperate, subtropical, and tropical vivaria when relative humidity averages 75% or higher. It can be successfully planted in crevices in wood/rocks/backgrounds, on substrate, on tree fern panels, or simply spread over leaf litter or substrate for a grown-in forest floor look as it acclimates. Since our mix is prepared using live moss & plants, acclimation will begin to visually occur within 3-4 weeks in most cases. Once acclimated, the growth will spread to nearby backgrounds, wood decor, and rocks. Depending on the amount of light available to the mix, different species will out-grow others to ensure at least some nice looking growth even in fairly dim areas of an enclosure. (Click for example of low-light growth) For fastest & most aggressive growth, check out our suggested LED lighting solutions for live vivariums. Our mix is made fresh every week, and should be used within a day or two of receipt for best results. Click for detailed instructions.
(To purchase NEHERP Live Moss Slurry individually, visit it's product page)
Tropical Pillow Moss
Tropical Pillow Moss For Terrariums & Vivariums
Lush, green, well-started quality pillow moss that's shipped moist in resealable bags. This species is a very slow grower, and is easily manageable in any enclosure size. One of the most commonly sold moss types for tropical vivariums. Does well on either NEHERP or ABG substrate, and requires bright light. Don't allow this moss to dry out or remain over-saturated for extended periods of time.
(To purchase Pillow Moss individually, visit it's product page)
Live Moss Pack
Our Live Moss Pack combines all three of our most popular species of moss at a discounted price. The pack is available in three different sizes, depending on the size of the project. Our NEHERP Live Moss is the easiest to grow, the Moss Slurry is 2'nd easiest, and the Pillow moss is the most difficult of the bunch. For that reason, each pack contains more of our NEHERP Live moss than Slurry, and more Slurry than Pillow Moss. Each of our Moss Packs are discounted 5-10% below purchasing things separately.
Live Moss Pack Kit Sizes & Contents
Mini | 1qty 5X6in NEHERP Moss | 2oz Live Moss Slurry | 5X3in Pillow Moss
Small | 2qty 5X6in NEHERP Moss | 4oz Live Moss Slurry | 5x6in Pillow Moss
Medium | 1qty 12x12in NEHERP Moss | 8oz Live Moss Slurry | 2qty 5x6in Pillow Moss
Large | 2qty 12x12in NEHERP Moss | 12oz Live Moss Slurry | 12x12in Pillow Moss
Extra Large | 4qty 12x12in NEHERP Moss | 32oz Live Moss Slurry | 2qty 12x12in Pillow Moss
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Neoregelia "Pup" Assortment

A growers choice assortment of discounted Neoregelia offsets

Neoregelia Offsets / Pups Neoregelia Offsets / Pups Neoregelia Offsets / Pups
Not often available, our Neoregelia "pups" are young divisions of a mature Neoregelia, perfect for use in a live vivarium. Each plant is individually wrapped & labeled with species ID! This is our most highly discounted way to purchase healthy Neoregelias. All species included are on the smaller side when mature, and are appropriate for live vivariums & terrariums. The same guarantees and quality as buying mature Neoregelias individually, only with heavily discounted pup-price. This batch of Neoregelia pups is absolutely brilliant looking - you won't be disappointed! We do our absolute best to keep repeat species to a minimum in each assortment, to ensure an awesome variety.

As Low As $4.99/ea!

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Limited quantity available! Limit 10 per client

Tillandsia Plant Pack

A grower's choice assortment of our awesome Tillandsia air plants!

Tillandsia Pack
The same high quality Tillandsias we offer on our Tillandsia page, only discounted for a grower's choice assortment. We do our best to pull a nice, balanced assortment. Overall discounts off of our low prices are 5% for the 5 packs, 10-15% for the 10 packs, and a whopping 15-20% for the 20 packs. You won't be disappointed! We try to cater to all hobbyists, regardless of budget, so we've created two assortment categories to choose from. All assortments aren't created equal, and we try to be as upfront as possible with what to expect!
Option 1, the "Wide Mix":
A nice assortment of species considered select grade which includes a mix of inexpensive, average, and more expensive species. If you are looking to plant a vivarium or build some "showy" vivariums, this is our recommended choice. Species may include anything on this page, with at least 40% of the mix being picked from the more expensive plants (like T. brachycaulos, T. bulbosa, T. caput-medusae, T ionantha 'Fuego', T ionantha v. stricta, T. tenuifolia 'Blue', and T. tectorum), and the remainder being less expensive species.
Option 2, the "Cheap Mix":
A mix of our less expensive species, with a much more limited selection compared to the wide mix. A great selection for gifts, resale at herp & plant shows, and of course great a quick vivarium build or two. Species likely to be included are T. aeranthos, T. albertiana, T. ionantha 'Mexican', T ionantha v. stricta, T. ionantha sp., and T. myosura. These plants are smaller than the "Wide Mix" assortment, but are still a completely healthy option for enthusiasts on a budget!
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Sorry: We cannot honor specific requests in our plant packs. If you are looking for a specific species, please purchase it individually.

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