Horticultural Light Fixtures

Light fixtures suitable for growing terrarium plants


Jumpstart T5HO Fixtures

An inexpensive horticultural T5HO fixture and 6400K bulb combo!

Jumpstart T5HO Jumpstart T5HO
Maximize your growing capacity with minimum effect on your wallet! These cool running Jump Start kits offer 20% more light intensity than other comparable fluorescent grow lights. Each kit contains a 6400K matching bulb, grounded power cord (with on/off switch), hanger clips for easy mounting, and instructions for set up. Polished reflector (shown) included. Fixtures can be linked in tandem via the optional link cable (up to 5qty 48in, or 10qty 24in fixtures) quickly & easily. Jumpstart dock systems available for those looking to create their own 2-4 strip fixtures, and it's easy to add/remove fixtures to/from the dock to fit your needs.
Dock systems include link cables, 18in removable stand legs, and are compatible with up to 4qty 48in or 24in fixtures.
Complete systems include 4qty fixtures, 4qty bulbs, plus the Jumpstart dock system to link it all together.
We use more Jumpstart T5HO fixtures than any other grow light in our indoor greenhouses, and we can't say enough good about them. They are very inexpensive, very light, fairly cool running (esp. for a T5HO!), dependable, easy to mount, and include an excellent Agrobrite bulb. Considering all that & the expandability of the link cables & dock kit add-ons, these are our favorite T5HOs.
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Jumpstart T5HOs
Desktop Grow Light
32W CFL Grow Kit

EnviroGro Desktop Grow Light

Keep houseplants anywhere with this desktop grow kit!

Desktop Grow Light Desktop Grow Light Desktop Grow Light
The EnviroGro desktop plant light offers illumination and versatility for indoor growing. The lamp has a flexible neck and adjustable height to provide clean and balanced light that works for seed starting, small potted plants or even as a reading lamp. No matter the use, the EnviroGro desktop lamp provides energy efficient, flicker-free performance that will be good for your plants for years to come. This low-heat, continuous light source outputs a continuous spectrum of light that closely mimics the visible spectral output of the sun. Height adjusts between 15" and 25.5". Includes 6 foot power cord. Base: 9.6"L x 7"W Head 9.5"L x 5.75"W
Bring a slice of nature into your office with this professional looking setup! If you've got a jar, glass bowl, or small terrarium at home, this desktop grow light kit + your glass container + plants/substrate can create a great looking desktop terrarium! Otherwise, potted plants fit on the water-holding tray perfectly.

EnviroGro Grow Light Kit

A quick, easy, and inexpensive solution to grow plants indoors!

Grow Light Kit 32W Lamp
A one-click growing kit offering a 1800+ lumen bulb in a great looking black & polished deep dome housing with clamp holder. Includes high-power 32W CFL bulb (150W equivalent), featuring a full-spectrum 6400K rating with 10,000 hour rated bulb life. A great, inexpensive solution to get growing! Bulb UL-Listed for safety. This is the highest-output standard base CFL kit we carry.
$22.99/ea Kit