Indoor Horticulture


Horticulture @ NE Herpetoculture: The best way to get supplies for your hard-to-pronounce hobbies! :-)

Our horticultural inventory was built with a focus on working with terrarium plants specifically, which is something we enjoy doing on a daily basis at NEHERP. Growing terrarium plants indoors is fairly easy nowadays thanks to modern ultra-efficient bulbs & fixtures, and our horticulture hardware kits make growing a handful of different plants an extremely inexpensive endeavor for any enthusiast; regardless of experience level!
In our horticulture inventory, you'll find the vast majority of supplies we use in-house to grow our ultra-healthy terrarium suitable plants. We also carry all the supplies you'll need to grow different species of epiphytic vines, orchids, and similar plants in terrariums, or even on a small-scale commercial basis.
If you have any questions about any of the products we offer, don't hesitate to ask us. We'd be happy to recommend a growing solution to fit your exact needs, and our staff has 1'st hand experience with just about everything we've got available. We'd be glad to help!
Decorative Containers
Decorative Containers
Oak Leaf Creeping Fig grown on NEHERP potting soil
Oak Leaf Creeping Fig
Grown on NEHERP potting soil
Indoor Horticulture Kits
Indoor Horticulture Kits
Pilea glauca growing towards a Mogul CFL
Pilea glauca
Growing towards a Mogul CFL
Horticulture Lighting Overstock
Greenhouse Overstock
Over Greenhouse Stock! :-)
Neoregelia 'Echo'
Neoregelia 'Echo'
Grown under Jungle Dawn LEDs!
A Custom LED Fixture With an auto rolling-carrier
A Custom LED Fixture
With an auto rolling-carrier
Rhipsalis sp. Growing towards a Jumpstart T5HO
Rhipsalis sp.
Growing towards a Jumpstart T5HO