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Heavy Duty Background Kits For 12X12X18 Terrariums

Everything needed to build a great looking, durable, customizable 12X12X18 background

Heavy Duty Reptile Background Kit For 12X12X18 Terrarium
Heavy Duty Background Kit Contents For 12X12X18 Terrarium Shown
About Our Heavy Duty Background Kits:
Our Heavy Duty Custom Background Kits were designed as a great starting point for those looking to build extremely realistic live vivarium & terrarium backgrounds, as described on our Heavy Duty Custom Vivarium Background DIY article. These backgrounds are easier & faster to assemble than our fully Custom Background Kits, and hold up great even when housing larger Reptiles like Geckos, Lizards, and Snakes. Although designed for larger inhabitants, these kits work great with smaller species too! Specifying your inhabitant species below is optional, but it'll help us pick the most appropriate planter(s) from what we have available. Specifying your inhabitant species below is optional, but it'll help us pick the most appropriate planter(s) from what we have available. This kit will provide you with the best deal we offer on every included component, with a 5% discount built-in.
12X12X18 Heavy Duty Background Kit Contents:
10qty Stainless Steel Background Hardware
96oz NEHERP Custom Background Texture Mix
1qty 3oz Black Aquarium Silicone w/Applicator
1qty 12in X 18in Cork Tile Background
1 Pair Of Protective Latex Gloves
1qty Small Modular Cork Planter
1qty Medium Modular Cork Planter
$48.99/ea Kit
Specify Inhabitant Species:

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SALE PRICE: $46.49/ea Kit
Specify Inhabitant Species:
Stock Notification!
Our records show that one of the ingredients in this kit has very little or no stock left at the moment, but we're expecting a shipment imminently. If ordered today, we'd expect your kit to ship within 5 business days.
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Heavy Duty Background Info Page Background

Heavy Duty Background Kit Gallery

Heavy Duty BG Kit Gallery

Basic Gecko Vivarium Background Giant Gecko Terrarium Background Gecko Vivarium Grown In Gecko Terrarium Moss
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This gallery showcases multiple types of vivariums which have been built using Heavy Duty BG Kits.
Displayed plants, substrate, and extra wood decor are sold separately.
Gargoyle Gecko Vivarium
18x18x24 For Gargoyle Gecko
Coqui Tree Frog Vivarium Easy Background
18X18X24 For Coqui Tree Frogs
Shows Kit + Extra Cork
Gecko Bioactive Vivarium
36x18x24 For R. leachianus
Built from two 18x18x24 kits!
Student Built Vivarium Background
18x18x18 For Crested Gecko
Built by novice student employee
Shows Kit + Extra Wood
Basic Custom Terrarium Background For Geckos
18x18x18 For Crested Gecko
Built by novice student employee
Shows Kit + Extra Wood
Chahoua Live Vivarium
18x18x24 For R. chahoua
Shows Kit + Extra Cork
Awesome Gecko Vivarium
36x18x24 For R. leachianus
Built from two 18x18x24 kits!
Gecko Background Plant Growth
Modular Cork Planter
With Heavy Duty Plant Pack
Mature Plant Growth For Gecko Terrarium Background
Mature Plant Growth
On HD Background w/Extra Cork
Bioactive Terrarium Background
Perfect For Bioactive Terrariums
Supports healthy microfauna & mycorrhizal fungi
Grown In Gecko Background
Grown-In HD Background
Featuring NEHERP Moss Slurry
360 Degree View Of HD Background Kit
Example Shown:
18x18x24 Heavy Duty Background Kit
Terrarium & extra cork round sold separately
Assembled Example Shown Below: 18x18x24 Kit
Terrarium & 1qty extra cork round sold separately
360 Degree View Of HD Background Kit
Our Lowest Prices On HD Background Components
This kit will help you save about 5% off our usual low prices to provide you with the best deal we offer on every included component. Our Heavy Duty Background Kits are our most budget friendly & easy way to add a reliable, long-lasting custom background to a terrarium.
Background Kit Build Info
Building a heavy duty background is a straightforward process. Follow the instructions on our Heavy Duty Background DIY guide, and don't hesitate to contact us for background kit support!
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Building HD Backgrounds On Larger Enclosures

Overcoming the limited selection HD Background Kit Sizes
Large Gecko Custom Background
Building backgrounds of this style on larger enclosures can be tricky, since the largest cork tile background is only 18in X 24in. Since larger animal-safe tiles aren't yet available in the hobby, we're forced to limit our HD background kit sizes considerably. If you'd like to build a HD background kit for a larger type of enclosure, multiple cork tiles will be necessary to get the job done. It's a little tougher to make look nice than building a standard HD background, but it's totally doable with a little extra time & effort.
In the example shown, we used two Heavy Duty Custom Background kits from an 18x18x24 terrarium to create a single background for a single (2X larger) 36x18x24 enclosure. The instructions are pretty much the same as a usual HD Background kit, with one small added step. After the background tiles are attached to the enclosure, there's a small but visible gap between the cork tiles. To ensure that gap is hidden, silicone & background texture mix (included in the kit) can be used to attach a natural cork flat to bridge the gap. With the flat installed, the two tiles appear more like a single piece, creating a more realistic finished product.
There are a few different ways to combine HD Background Kits to cater to different enclosure sizes. (Another popular 2-tile setup would be two 18x18x18 kits stacked to fill either a 36x18x18 or an 18x18x36 terrarium) If you are comfortable using a saw to cut-down a cork tile, even more options present themselves. It's a little more difficult to make a 2-tile background look great, but the results can be surprisingly realistic considering the low level of difficulty.
Large Gecko Custom Background Large Gecko Custom Background Large Gecko Custom Background
Hide Large Enclosure info
Note: All dimensions are posted in Width X Depth X Height
Comparing Background Kits:
Custom Background Kit
Custom Vivarium For Harvard Museum of Natural History Moss Vivarium Acclimated
Time Investment:
2-30+ Hours
Depending on size & style
Curing Time:
4-12 Days
Depending on size & style
Financial Investment:
About $50-$125+
From 12x12x12 to 18x18x24 w/Cork
Level Of Difficulty:
Ranges: Medium to extremely difficult
Depending on style
Design Flexibility:
Extremely versatile
Suitability For Large Inhabitants:
With considerable effort
Level Of Realism
From medium to ultra-high, depending on builder
Related Links:
Gallery DIY Article View Kits
Hide Background Comparison
Heavy Duty Background Kit
Student Built Vivarium Background Basic Custom Terrarium Background For Geckos
Time Investment:
0.5-5 hours
Depending on size & style
Curing Time:
1-3 Days
Depending on size & style
Financial Investment:
About $39-$68+
From 12x12x12 to 18x18x24
Level Of Difficulty:
Ranges: Extremely easy to medium/low
Depending on style
Design Flexibility:
Fairly limited
Suitability For Large Inhabitants:
With minimal effort
Level Of Realism:
From fair to medium, depending on builder & plants
Related Links:
DIY Article
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Do you have more photo examples?
Yep! Visit our Vivarium Gallery W/Heavy Duty Backgrounds for some "vivspiration". Not all of the vivariums in that gallery are based on our Custom Background Kits though, so be sure to select "About The Vivarium ID Numbers" to learn how to identify what type of background kit was used in each photo.
Which animal species are these kits appropriate for?
These are suitable for the vast majority of vivarium inhabitant species which are popular today. Unlike our Custom Background Kits, these Heavy Duty Background Kits can handle quite a bit of "abuse" from clawed species without very much effort at all. While they were really designed for larger species, they can absolutely be used for smaller species with no ill-effect.
How can a HD background be designed to look as realistic as possible?
There are two things to keep in mind, if you want to make the most out of these kits...
First, planting these appropriately is key. These kits aren't as intricately detailed as our Custom Background Kits, so ensuring the plants grow in nicely is critically important towards the goal of a realistic finished product. Without healthy plants, these kits can look a little bare. Our enclosure size specific plant kits & Heavy Duty Plant Kits have a text box where you can type-in exactly what species you'll be working with, to ensure our team pulls plants which are well suited to your particular setup. Check out your 24X18X18's specifically designed plant packs: 24X18X18 Plant Packs (for smaller species) & 24X18X18 Heavy Duty Plant Packs (for larger species).
Second, these kits are absolutely ideal for even further customization, as shown in many of the photos. We tried to keep our HD Background kits as straightforward & inexpensive as possible, but you can add extra cork rounds for more branches, cork flats to merge multiple HD Background Kits, Ghostwood decor for even more of a 3D effect, and a whole lot more. Upgrading these to include more decor is inexpensive & simple. Have fun with it, and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions. Check out our Vivarium Gallery & Wood Decor pages for inspiration.
Is this an appropriate project for a child of X age?
Adult supervision is strongly recommended when building a custom background, as the ingredients aren't kid-friendly. Silicone fumes are a little strong until it's cured and the included stainless steel screws are sharp. The finished product is an awesome gift to children (and adults) of any age, but the build process probably isn't appropriate without some adult supervision.
Will these background kits stand up to high humidity?
Absolutely. We don't recommend them for aquatic/submerged use, but even the highest levels of humidity won't cause a problem for our background kits, if the instructions are followed. Frequent (multiple times daily) direct misting is also completely acceptable. Cork breaks down much, much slower than most other types of wood and should last for years & years even in the most humid conditions.
Is the background removable or reusable
It depends on the construction style you choose. Reference step 3 of our Heavy Duty Background DIY guide for more info. Keep in mind that a removable installation may be less well suited for small species, since there's a greater chance for small gaps around the sides of the cork tile being installed. At NEHERP, the vast majority of Heavy Duty Backgrounds were mounted using the "removable" method, when we're housing things like Crested Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, Phelsuma Geckos, and more. For the few HD backgrounds we've built for small species like Mourning Geckos & Dart Frogs, we always use the permanent installation for a tighter bond against the back glass panel.
What should I expect when the background is finished & the vivarium is built?
All the typical healthy vivarium acclimation signs described in Vivarium Construction 102 are to be expected. In short, after a few weeks the plants will begin to acclimate to the background, moss slurry (if applied) should start to take off, and you can expect to see some microfauna activity in the substrate layer.
Hide Background Kit FAQ
Enclosures shown in the gallery were built using NEHERP Heavy Duty Background Kits, and are for reference/inspiration only. Plants, substrate, and & decor are sold separately. No two Modular Cork pieces will be alike.

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