NEHERP Canada Information

Attention Canadian vivarium enthusiasts!

Our policy has always been to ship within the Continental USA only, due mostly to environmental regulations making it really tough to ship our substrates, wood decor, and live materials like plants outside the country. Thankfully, we've spent the past couple years working with a wonderful family over at Integrated Exotics to bring our brand (and many other vivarium building products) up to the Canadian market. As of now, we're glad to say Canadians have a great source for vivarium gear right up in Montreal. Check out our friends at Integrated Exotics, and say hello to Elise & Ross while you are over there.
Integrated Exotics
The only licensed distributor of NEHERP Canada brand

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More Info:
While our original New England Herpetoculture NEHERP brand products may differ very slightly from the licensed NEHERP Canada products manufactured & distributed by Integrated Exotics, we've spent nearly 2 full years working together closely to ensure we're about as close as can be considering they are being created in different countries. In any case, you can rest assured that the product(s) you recieve will be worthy of the NEHERP name. Also like NEHERP, Integrated Exotics is a family-owned & operated business. :-)
New England Herpetoculture continues to service the US-only. Integrated Exotics ships to Canada only.
Integrated Exotics holds the sole license to produce & distribute this product to the Canadian market.