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Value Grow LEDs

A super bright, economical, alternative vivarium LED bulb

Value Grow LEDs
On client request, we've brought back a greatly improved version of our original discount LED bulbs! Compared to our old V1 Value Grow LEDs, these produce nearly double the illuminance numbers at 12in away, while operating at the same overall temperature. These are a less expensive, single-color temperature version of the other brand of screw-in LEDs we carry, and are recommended for those who are building vivariums on a budget. Our Value Grow bulbs produce full spectrum 6400K light and offer reliable plant growth, while keeping things cooler than equivalent CFL bulbs. In our tests, these LEDs out-performed a SMD5050 "Square Diode" generic screw-in LED by over 50%, and meter roughly 4800+Lux & ~48µMol/S at 12in away. Each LED unit comes with a 1 year NEHERP-backed replacement guarantee.

Fitment Information:

Exo Terra: Value Grow LEDs fit perfectly in each size of the Exo Terra Compact Top.
Zoo Med 12in Hood: Value Grow LEDs fit perfectly in the 12in Zoo Med Hood.
Zoo Med 18in Hood: Value Grow LEDs are incompatible with 18in Zoo Med hoods.
Side Mount Fixture: Each size of Value Grow LED fits perfectly in our DIY-friendly side-mount fixtures.
Please remove the metal reflectors in any hood style, for the longest life of these & all screw-in LED bulbs!
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These are a great option for hobbyists on a tight budget. The primary difference between Value Grow & our other name brand of LED is the mixed color spectrum. The less expensive Value Grow LEDs are a solid 6400K, while the higher-end Jungle Dawn brand has a mixed spectrum to produce a slightly warmer look. Still, the price difference of these generic style LEDs can go a long way for some builds, especially for when multiple bulbs will be necessary to get the job done.

Value Grow Spotlight LEDs

A mega-bright, high output LED spotlight for tall enclosures

Value Grow Spotlight LEDs Mega Jungle Dawn LED 40W High Output Vivarium LED Fixture
Value Grow Spotlight - Side & Bottom Views
Optional Wire Fixture
Our Value Grow super high output grow light LEDs were originally selected for use in our indoor grow rooms, but their through-the-roof performance & statistics encouraged us to begin offering them on the site. We've been using Value Grow Spotlights in tests at NEHERP since 2014, and we're excited to finally make them available. Value Grow Vivarium LED Spotlights are a blindingly bright lighting solution we recommend only for enclosures measuring 25in & taller. In our tests, these 6000K spotlights metered over 525µMol/S of PAR light, and 44,500lux at 12in away. Value Grow Spotlights have optic lenses which focus the beam of light to a very tight 60° angle, in an effort to ensure plenty of light can penetrate through even the tallest enclosures. These are an appropriate choice for enclosures over 25in tall, but are too bright for us to recommend using them for anything shorter. We highly recommend pairing this bulb with the NEHERP Wire Cage Fixture, available in the drop down menu below. Manufacturer rated 30W driver, 36W chipset. Each LED unit comes with a 1 year NEHERP-backed replacement guarantee.

Fitment Information:

For use in "open" or wire cage style fixtures only. Not suggested for use in "closed" or dome style fixtures.
Discounted wire fixtures available in the drop-down menu below.
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