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NEHERP Jungle Dawn Vivarium LEDs

The original, best selling, and most proven vivarium-specific mixed-spectrum LED bulb!

NEHERP Jungle Dawn Vivarium LED
The original vivarium LED bulb is now better than ever with a stronger 300-degree swiveling base, vented fixture body, and even brighter LED diodes! Jungle Dawn screw-in vivarium LED bulbs display colors accurately & grow plants with ease. The super-bright, mixed-color temperature LEDs provide an excellent lumen-per-watt ratio to brightly & accurately illuminate any vivarium. Jungle Dawn LEDs produce less heat than normal CFLs, while using less than half the electricity. All Jungle Dawn bulbs have a 300-degree swiveling base, to ensure the user can safely adjust the light straight down into the enclosure. Fits in all common horizontal screw-base terrarium fixtures (see fitment chart below for details). We have matching light fixtures available at guaranteed lowest prices on our fixture page. If you are looking to illuminate a vivarium based out of an Aquarium, Exo Terra, or Zoo Med Terrarium, we've got Jungle Dawn LEDs included in our discounted NEHERP Vivarium Lighting Kits, specially designed for specific enclosure sizes. :-) All Jungle Dawn LEDs carry a 1-year NEHERP backed warranty.
Suggested Jungle Dawn Vivarium LED Bulb Chart
Sorry, 17W and 22W models have been discontinued by the manufacturer!

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NEHERP Jungle Dawn
NEHERP Jungle Dawn Spot
Not sure where to start?
Check out our Vivarium Lighting 101 article, or jump to the vivarium size chart at the bottom of this page :-)

NEHERP Jungle Dawn LED Spotlight

An extremely high output solution, designed for growing plants in tall enclosures

Mega Jungle Dawn LED 40W High Output Vivarium LED Mega Jungle Dawn LED 40W High Output Vivarium LED Fixture
Jungle Dawn Mega Spot
Optional wire fixture
The Jungle Dawn LED Spotlight is our highest output LED, and has a ton of features often sought after for illuminating tall (over 28in) enclosures. Very high PAR, Lumen, and CRI ratings are paired with a 6500K color temperature to provide a natural looking solution to grow flora in even very tall enclosures. Unique features include diodes with 60º focused lenses, an internal cooling fan, an efficient aluminum heat sink, and a 40,000-hour rated life. Compatible with most standard-bulb dome style fixtures, this is an incredibly versatile bulb, and the best priced option for many taller enclosures. Jungle Dawn Mega Spot dimensions: 5in tall, 3.75in across. Wire light fixture dimensions: 8in tall, 5 1/8in across, with a 36in cord.
We recommend this bulb for enclosures 28in tall & higher, as it's incredibly high output can over-power shorter enclosures. Common applications include the 24x18x36 and 36x18x36 Exo Terra Terrariums, as well as a variety of tall aquarium sizes. Our specially selected compact wire light fixture allows for plenty of air flow, and is an ideal solution for this bulb. More traditional dome housings in raised or suspended fixtures are also acceptable, but be sure to allow airflow to reach the bulb.
Jungle Dawn 40W Specifications
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Frequently Asked Vivarium Lighting Questions

Q: How do I know which to choose to illuminate my vivarium?
A: There are two ways to go about this... The most complete way would be to read through our comprehensive Vivarium Lighting 101 article, which will explain pretty much all the basics you'll need to know in order to make an educated decision. Otherwise, each of the vivarium appropriate lighting solutions we offer has a pull-down chart with vivarium sizes which are appropriate for that specific type of lighting. If you'd like to see all the options for your specific enclosure type, there's a full chart with every type of lighting we offer on the bottom of this page. If all else fails, email us! We're always happy to help with specific vivarium questions. :-)
Q: I saw a high "8,000-10,000K+" rated bulb for X enclosures on X website... It'll work, right?
A: Bulbs in that range may have the ability to grow plants, but it will likely look less natural than the 5000-6700K range we recommend. Kelvin is a measurement of color temperature, so higher is not better in this case. Learn more in Vivarium Lighting 101.
Q: Why aren't there UVB lights in this section?
A: Deciding on whether or not to use UVB bulbs depends entirely on the inhabitant species, as vivarium environments (plants, microfauna, etc) do not require UVB lighting. If the inhabitant species you are working with requires (or will benefit from) UVB lighting, use it! If not, using non-UVB horticultural plant growth bulbs will save a pretty penny, and have the same (or slightly better) results when growing plants. If you aren't sure if your inhabitant species requires UVB, check out the Zoo Med & Exo Terra charts on our UVB bulb page.
Q: Why are there no heat bulbs in this section?
A: If you need to heat your live vivarium, doing so with heat-emitting bulbs will be tricky unless you are working with very dry-tolerant plants, or with a larger enclosure. Although heat bulbs will quickly boost temperatures within the enclosure, it'll also dry out the air & plants within. Most temperate or tropical vivariums are built to house plants & inhabitants at roughly 70% relative humidity or above. While daytime drops down into the mid 60% R/H ranges are tolerated, placing heat lamps over a screen top will very quickly drop it down into the low 50s (and lower). This will have drastic effects on most of the common vivarium plants used in the hobby, and can also negatively affect microfauna populations. Heat can be more controlled more easily without disturbing humidity by using partial glass tops to cover some of the screen vented top, and keep heat from escaping the enclosure. Adjusting the ventilation larger/smaller will effectively lower/raise humidity and heat within the enclosure. If additional heat is necessary (common if ambient room temperature is cool), increasing the overall temperature of an enclosure is usually as simple as warming the water table in the drainage layer using head pads or heat cables.

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