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Moving Springtail Culture Isopod In Vivarium NEHERP's Microfauna Room Vivarium Woodlice Vivarium Microfauna Springtails Fruit Fly Cultures
Moving Springtail Culture Isopod In Vivarium NEHERP's Microfauna Room Vivarium Woodlice Vivarium Microfauna Springtails Fruit Fly Cultures

We've been working with & offering our vivarium microfauna & feeders since 2009, and we're proud of our earned reputation. Our fruit fly cultures helped put us on the map, with our fast producing & well proven NEHERP media. We keep all of our fly cultures in a specially built temperature & humidity controlled room, to ensure every single one of our cultures remain of the absolute top-quality. For vivarium microfauna, we carry & breed both Springtails & Isopods in-house, which are the two most common & important "clean up crew" species used in the hobby. We also carry authentic Phoenix Worms brand Black Soldier Fly larvae, which are one of the most nutritious diets for an insectivorous Reptile, Amphibian, or Invertebrate.
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Healthy Vivarium Microfauna

Springtails & Isopods

NEHERP Fruit Fly Cultures

Healthy, Clean, & Reliable

Springtail Cultures

Only $6.99/ea

Dwarf Purple Isopods

Only $9.99/ea Culture

Dwarf White Isopods

Only $9.99/ea Culture

Giant Orange Isopods

Only $9.99/ea Culture

Bugs, Feeders, Microfauna
All Live Bugs

All of our super healthy feeders & vivarium microfauna on one longer, scrollable page.

Fruit Fly Cultures
Fruit Fly Cultures

We're your #1 source for healthy, reliable fruit fly cultures which produce like the dickens.

Isopod Microfauna For Vivariums

Healthy Isopods ("Woodlice") are part of the janitorial crew for self-cleaning live vivariums.

Phoenix Worms / Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Phoenix Worms

Super healthy black soldier fly larvae by the best brand in the business: Phoenix Worms!

Live Springtail Cultures

Awesome little Hexapods (not insects!) which help keep any live vivarium substrate healthy.

Microfauna Breeding Supplies
Bug Breeding Supplies

(Note: The above link leaves the live bug menu!)
Everything you'll need to create your own Fruit Fly, Springtail, and Isopod cultures!
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