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Our Brand: Now available in Canada!
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Our Brand: Now available in Canada!

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Our Brand: Now available in Canada!


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Welcome To New England Herpetoculture

Specializing In The Creation Of Live Vivariums Since 2009

Live Vivarium Specialists Since 2009

NEHERP is a small family owned herpetoculture supply company, with a focus on professional-grade live vivariums & design. We're dedicated to offering our clients fair prices, excellent customer service, and the widest vivarium-related inventory anywhere. Our site offers some of the most popular & comprehensive vivarium articles online, & our business is managed by a tightly knit group of animal & vivarium enthusiasts. If you are new to NEHERP, you can learn about our company, what makes us different, who we are, and how we handle orders in just a few clicks.

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