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 ~ Order Processing Update ~ 
We're finally just about caught up from the big spring warm-up rush, and expect shipping schedules to be almost back to normal. Clients can expect our shipping schedule to be within 1 business day or so of our typical policy through Tuesday 3/31, and back to 100% normal by Wednesday April 1'st. Thanks to everyone for being patient during our busiest month ever - we really appreciate it!
NEHERP is a family owned herp supply company & herpetofauna specialist, focusing on professional-grade live vivarium products & design. We're dedicated to offering our clients fair prices, excellent customer service, and one of the widest vivarium-related inventories anywhere. Our site offers some of the most popular vivarium articles online, & each staff member is a vivarium enthusiast (we love this stuff!  ).
If you are new to NEHERP, you can learn all about who we are, why we're different, and how we handle orders in just a few clicks.
Thanks very much for stopping by,
Mike, Jessica, Mike W, & Liz
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